What is the Triad-SALT Council?
The Triad-SALT is a crime-fighting partnership between law enforcement and seniors. The organizations that form the Triad are the AARP, (American Association of Retired People), IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) and NSA (National Sheriffs’ Association.)

SALT is an acronym for the partnership, Seniors And Law Enforcement Together.

Triad/SALT Goals are to:

  1. Develop and manage crime prevention projects and programs that reduce senior crime victimization, and therefore, improve their quality of life;
  2. Increase awareness about public safety concerns through education and community involvement;
  3. Recruit and train senior volunteers to work as law enforcement partners that provide community service;
  4. Develop new friendships and have fun!

Some Triad-SALT programs are:

  • File of Life
  • Public Safety Education and Awareness Seminars
  • Senior Citizens Volunteers in Policing (VIPs)
  • Senior Citizens Police Academy

For information regarding Triad-SALT Council, please call 501-5933.

Join today! For more information on these programs call (804) 501-5933 or write to: seniorservices@henricopolice.org

Supports the President’s Initiative for Homeland Security!

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