The four interrelated concepts include:

  1. Natural Surveillance
  2. Natural Access Control
  3. Territorial Reinforcement is the use of physical attributes that express ownership such as fencing, pavement treatments, signage, and landscaping.
  4. Maintenance

Henrico County enlists CPTED concepts by using landscaping and signage to convey its ownership of this property, pictured right.

Left, one Henrico community added streetscape features along its aging main thoroughfare. Improvements such as the decorative light fixtures, flags, and decorative sidewalk pavement treatment create a sense of a vital and dedicated community.

Right, this multi-family housing community installed fencing to help control access through the site. This provides Territorial Reinforcement by defining the property lines and simultaneously provides Access Control. The iron fence also provides Natural Surveillance opportunities.

Design Strategies for Territorial Reinforcement:

  • Use fencing material or landscaping to show ownership (Territorial Reinforcement) . Remember to carefully choose materials for fences and landscaping so that you can also provide opportunities for Natural Surveillance and Access Control.
  • Use signs that clearly display your address or business name on mail boxes and buildings, in parking areas, or along sidewalks.
  • Use sidewalks and parking areas to provide clues to ownership (Territorial Reinforcement)

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