The Cold Case component, under Criminal Investigations, is dedicated to bringing closure to the many families involved and to the investigators who work these unsolved cases.  Investigators review all cold cases by re-examining all evidence, interviewing, and re-interviewing all potential witnesses.

A case becomes “cold” when the original investigator has eliminated any and all potential leads and evidence or needed witnesses do not exist. Cases may include homicide, rape, and missing persons.

This webpage allows the victim’s families to contact directly the investigators to obtain updated information on their particular case.  It also offers opportunities for potential witnesses to share information they may have on any case.

Although some cases appear unsolved on the list, many are in various stages of resolution, and your information may be critical to closing the case.  Cold Case investigators are currently assigned to over 100 cases.

To contact Cold Case Investigators, please call (804) 501-5240.  You may also call Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000 to report anonymously any information.


Unsolved Traffic Fatalities:

The following is a list of unsolved hit-and-run accidents involving fatalities. If you have any information about any of these incidents please call Traffic Safety at 804-328-2573 ext. 2243 or 804-501-5000.


HCTV 17 Public Safety Videos:

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases I (Lowther & Hall-Margaret)

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases II (Marshall Ray Butler)

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases III (Schantz/Ripka)

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases IV (Cynthia Gilliam-Ford )

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases V (Winston/Calvin)

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases VI (Andrea Michelle Taylor)

Never Forget: Henrico Cold Cases VII (Inez Childress)


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