All of these informational documents are in PDF format.

This month’s featured brochure is about holiday safety. Remember to Stop and Lock then Shop!

General Crime Prevention

Safety Tips for Hotel/Motel Guests General Safety Tips for Visitors
Information on Reporting Crime Check Fraud Prevention
Curb Your Dog

Home Crime Prevention and Safety

Burglary Prevention Vandalism
Home Security Larceny From Vehicles
Neighborhood Parking Violations What is The Community Resource Guide?
Tool and Storage Shed Larceny Prevention

Personal Safety

Bicycle Safety for Adults Personal Safety
Personal Safety for Food Delivery Workers Riding Your Bicycle in the Roadway
Robbery Prevention Solicitation and the County Code
Personal Safety for Realtors Personal Safety for Food Delivery Workers

 Child Safety

Child Safety for Parents Curfew Compliance
Underage Drinking Prevention Playing in the Street
Safety for College Students Gang Awareness
School Bus Safety Youth and Families Resource Guide

 Traffic Safety

 Dangers of Distracted Driving  Mopeds and Scooters
 Utility Trailers and Hauling Safety

 Teen Driving Laws and Restrictions
 Driving in Severe Weather

En español

Larceny from Vehicles (Previnir Robo de Vehículos) Cash Safety (Seguridad de Caja)

Just for Kids

Stranger Dangers Bicycle Safety
Emergency Preparedness Home Alone
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