IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater.  To view or print the PDF forms you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, version 5.0 or greater. This reader/viewer is free and you can download it from Adobe’s website. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Adobe to install the Acrobat Reader and view these documents.

After downloading the file, locate the file and open it using the Acrobat Reader.  If your browser opens the file automatically, you may start filling in the form by clicking in the first box (some boxes may not be visible).  If a box is not visible and you’re uncertain as to where to start, move the cursor over the form.  Your mouse icon will change to either an icon or a pointed finger when it goes over a form field.  (Some fields explain what information is needed and/or gives an example of how to enter the information — i.e., date format).


Place your cursor where you would like to start, and start typing.  To move from field to field you can use mouse and click in each field, or you can use the tab key.


Using the tab key for check boxes — press the tab key to move to the check box field, press return/enter to place a check in the box.  To remove the text, press return/enter.  To move to the next field, press tab.


For pull-down menus:  using the mouse, click on the down arrow and select the appropriate insertion.  To go to next field, press tab or position your mouse in the next field.

Printing the form:

Press Ctrl P to print the form.   Before clicking OK, make sure that none of the boxes listed beneath the printer properties are checked.

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