The Planning Office is making the following approved proffers of conditional rezoning cases available for download in the PDF format. Only approved proffers will be available. Please contact the Planning Office if you need assistance with rezoning cases that are not posted to this site.

Please note many cases for this year have not been acted upon. As new cases are approved by the Board of Supervisors this page will be updated.



 REZ2014-00001  REZ2014-00002 REZ2014-00004 REZ2014-00006 REZ2014-00008
REZ2014-00009 REZ2014-00010 REZ2014-00011 REZ2014-00012 REZ2014-00013
 REZ2014-00014  REZ2014-00015  REZ2014-00019 REZ2014-00020 REZ2014-00022
REZ2014-00023  REZ2014-00024 REZ2014-00025 REZ2014-00026 REZ2014-00027