permitsThe Permit Center is the hub for all residential permitting in Henrico County. Most walk-in permits for residential additions may be issued within one and a half hours or less. Exceptions include improvements on property that does not have access to public water and/or sewer and two-story additions which need to be reviewed by the Engineers in the Building Inspections Department. Sign permits also may not be walked through and must be dropped off.

Check the Who, What, When, & Where page for questions regarding who may apply for a permit, which permits can be walked through, and where the Permit Centers are located.


Residential Permits

Amusement Device - Application for an amusement device permit.
Building Permit – Commercial - Application for a commercial building permit (new buildings, alterations/additions, moving, demolition, tenant upfits, tents and trailers).
Building Permit – Residential - Application for a residential building permit (new houses, renovations/additions, moving, demolition, decks, porches, sheds, garages & swimming pools).
Electrical Permit - Application for an electrical permit (commercial and residential).
Mechanical Permit - Application for a mechanical permit (includes commercial and residential, mechanical, fire suppression and elevator).
Plumbing Permit - Application for a plumbing permit (commercial and residential).
Request GIS Data - Henrico County has a robust enterprise-wide GIS. Henrico shares this information and has made efforts to provide a variety of data formats.
Sign Permit - Application for a sign permit.

View All County Issued Permits



Please refer to our page regarding projects that require a permit and projects that do not require a permit. If your project does not appear on these lists, contact staff at (804) 501-7280 for more information.

The application and forms required to file a building permit are below:

Different types of projects require different plans to be filed for review and approved. Below you will find the plan requirements for various types of projects:

These documents are also available in either of the two Permit Center locations.



The Permit Center issues all residential electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits. Please refer to the Who, What, When & Where page for more information regarding these permits. The applications may be found on the forms page.



Who Can Apply for a Permit?

  1. Property owner (with required Property Owner Affidavit)
  2. Authorized Agent for the property owner (with required Property Owner Affidavit)
  3. Licensed Contractor (must have valid VA Contractors #)


Requirements to Submit Sign Permit Application:

  1. Sign Permit Application
  2. Site plan showing the exact location of all signs in relation to buildings, roads, property lines, and drainage and utility easements. Site plan must also show the primary public entrance to the building and any required sign setbacks. (2 copies)
  3. Sign drawings showing the shape, lettering, and dimensions of the sign(s), height, method of securing to the building, method of illumination, or if freestanding, footing size and depth, method of erection and elevation drawing verifying the sign height. (2 copies)


Banners and Other Attention Getting Devices

Attention getting devices such as pennants, banners, banner signs, streamers, balloons, and inflatable devices of any configuration when displayed out-of-doors do not require a permit to be displayed. One attention getting device may be displayed 10 days per 3 month period. A banner sign may not exceed 32 square feet in area.

The maximum height for an inflatable device, including underlying buildings and structures, is 30’ from the average grade to the highest point of the device.

Some areas of Henrico County may prohibit the display of attention getting devices. To ensure that your location is allowed to display attention getting devices, please call the Planning and Zoning Division of the Permit Center at (804) 501-7280.

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