Board of Supervisors
David A. Kaechele, Chairman
Patricia S. O'Bannon, Vice-Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr.
Richard W. Glover
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on November 10, 2009


Mr. Kaechele led recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Dr. J. Rayfield Vines, Jr., Pastor of Hungary Road Baptist Church, delivered the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the October 27, 2009 Regular Meeting.




The Department of Public Utilities recently received a National Environmental Achievement Award due to the Department's participation in the Virginia Biosolids Council. This award was presented by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) to recognize the work of the Virginia Biosolids Council in public information and education. James Grandstaff, the Department's Water Reclamation Facility Division Director, currently serves on the Council's Board of Directors.


Robin D. Smith, a resident of the Brookland District, was introduced as the 2009 Henrico Christmas Mother. Joining her were the Chair and Co-Chair of the County Government Christmas Mother Program, Lisa H. Orlosky of the Department of Information Technology and Juliana L. Haalboom of the Division of Recreation and Parks. This is the 68th year of the program, which helps community family members in need and is anticipating a record number of applicants in 2009. Mrs. Smith acknowledged the generosity and efforts of the program's many partners and expressed appreciation to the County for its support. Mr. Kaechele offered the Board's thanks to Mrs. Smith and all of the program's volunteers.


There were no comments from the Board.


Mr. Kaechele recognized Katherine Calos from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Della Ellar, a resident of the Brookland District, expressed concern that the existing landscaping at Dumbarton Area Library provides potential cover for criminal activity. She also questioned why the County is not laying off employees and lowering taxes in its efforts to streamline County services and make them more efficient.

Dr. Vines advised that directional signs to his church previously erected by the County along Cleveland Street and Hungary Road as a condition of a bridge reconstruction project were recently knocked down while grass was being cut in the rights-of-way. He asked that the signs be reinstalled.





Resolution Congratulating St. Joseph 's Villa on Its 175th Anniversary.


Mr. Thornton presented the resolution to Kathleen Burke Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph's Villa. Joining her was Bruce Cauthen, Vice President of Public Relations for the Villa.





Request of Towne Center-West, LLC and Towne Center West Shoppes, LLC to amend proffered conditions accepted with Rezoning Case C-49C-04, on Parcels 735-764-4742, 736-764-1136, 736-764-0871, 736-764-3961 and part of Parcel 734-764-9340 located on the north line of W. Broad Street (U.S. Route 250) approximately 1,100 feet east of N. Gayton Road, approximately 500 feet north of W. Broad Street approximately 1,100 feet east of N. Gayton Road, and approximately 675 feet north of W. Broad Street approximately 1,775 feet east of N. Gayton Road.






Request of Towne Center-West, LLC to conditionally rezone from R-6C General Residence District (Conditional) to B-3C Business District (Conditional), part of Parcel 734-764-9340, containing approximately 4.85 acres, located approximately 325 feet north of W. Broad Street (U.S. Route 250) approximately 1,100 feet east of N. Gayton Road.





Request of Staples Mill Marketplace, LLC to conditionally rezone from R-3 One-Family Residence District to B-2C Business District (Conditional), Parcels 767-757-8360 and 767-756-9991 and part of Parcel 767-757-6317, containing approximately 28.914 acres, located between the southwest line of Staples Mill Road (U. S. Route 33), the east line of Hungary Spring Road, and the north line of Lucas Road.






Request of Hightech Signs to amend proffered conditions accepted with Rezoning Case C-5C-97, on part of Parcel 747-759-8591, located at the southwest intersection of W. Broad Street (U. S. Route 250) and Cox Road (Colonnades West Shopping Center).





Request of KCA/Holloway, L.C to rezone from R-3C One-Family Residence District (Conditional) to C-1C Conservation District (Conditional), part of Parcel 750-774-6038, containing approximately 1.8 acres, located along the Chickahominy River beginning at a point approximately 200 feet to the northeast of Riverplace Court and extending approximately 475 feet southeast through the proposed Martin's Ridge subdivision.





Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 20-599 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled "Deduction of receipts taxed by other jurisdiction" Relating to Deductions from Gross Receipts of Contractors and Speculative Builders.




Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Sections 20-311, 20-312, 20-313, 20-314, 20-314, 20-316, 20-317, 20-318, 20-320, 20-321, 20-325 and 20-327 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled Respectively "Definitions," "Levy; amount," "Taxation of rental property other than daily rental property," "Application for certificate of registration," "Collection and remittance; returns," "Records," "Procedure upon failure to file return or filing of false return," "Exemptions," "Collection without certificate of registration prohibited," "Bond," and "Period of limitations," All Relating to Short-term Rental Property tax.




Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 19-2 Titled "Definitions," Section 19-52 Titled "Application for approval," Section 19-53 Titled "Review of plat; action by planning commission," Section 19-55 Titled "Effect of approval; expiration of approval," Section 19-72 Titled "Form and contents," Section 19-74 Titled "Action by director of planning," Section 19-75 Titled "Installation of improvements or bonding; release of bond," Section 19-77 Titled "Recording," Section 19-111 Titled "Development of areas subject to inundation," Section 24-3 Titled "Enumerated," Section 24-8 Titled "Nonconforming uses; regulations," Section 24-106 Titled "Plan of development (POD), administrative and schematic site plans," and Section 24-116 Titled "Powers" of the Code of the County of Henrico, and to Add Section 19‑32 Titled "Extension of approvals to address housing crisis," Section 19-56 Titled "Development in dam break inundation zone," and Section 24-106.4 Titled "Development in dam break inundation zone" to the Code of the County of Henrico, All to Revise the County's Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances To Comply with Recent Changes Enacted by the General Assembly





Resolution Authorizing the County Manager to Execute the Joint Application Amendment Agreement for the City of Richmond's Amendment to Its Zone III/North Enterprise Zone.




Resolution Concurring in the Declarations and Findings of the Short Pump Town Center Community Development Authority and Authorizing the Dissolution of the Authority and the Execution of Documents in Connection Therewith.




Introduction of Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 9-2 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled "Precincts and polling places" by Making Technical Corrections in the Text Relating to the Polling Places for the Westwood Precinct in the Brookland District, the Maplewood and Yellow Tavern Precincts in the Fairfield District, and the Laburnum and Sandston Precincts in the Varina District.




Resolution to Permit Additional Fine of $200 for Speeding on University Boulevard.



Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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