Board of Supervisors
David A. Kaechele, Chairman
Patricia S. O'Bannon, Vice-Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr.
Richard W. Glover
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on February 12, 2008


Mr. Kaechele led the Board, staff, and public in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Rev. Cameron Abell, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, provided the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the January 22, 2008 Regular and Special Meetings and March 19 – 22, 2007 Special Meeting.



Henrico Area Mental Health and Retardation Services (HAMHRS) has received its third consecutive three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF), an international nonprofit organization offering accreditation of human-service providers.  This is CARF’s highest measure of quality assurance and is the result of a rigorous peer-review process and on-site examination by a team of CARF surveyors of eight programs and services.  MH/MR was specifically commended for its fiscal management and controls as well as its approach to information technology.  More importantly, surveyors also commented on the commitment and leadership of staff to the mission and values of the agency, including a “person-first” environment and a conscious effort to remove barriers to inclusion.  The following members of the HAMHRS staff were principally involved with the CARF accreditation process:  Lynn A. Goodale, CCM, Administrative and Financial Services Division Director; Michelle Johnson, LCSW, Community Support Services Division Director; Laura S. Totty, MS, Clinical and Preventive Services Division Director; and Yvonne D. Russell, Quality Assurance Manager.


Assistant County Attorney Rhysa South was inducted as a Fellow of the Virginia Law Foundation during the Virginia Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Williamsburg on January 17, 2008.  Fellows are limited to the top one percent of lawyers in the Commonwealth of Virginia and are selected for their professionalism, competence, and ability.  Ms. South is the second member of the County Attorney’s Office to have received this high honor.  County Attorney Joe Rapisarda was inducted as a Fellow in 2001.  In congratulating Ms. South, Mr. Hazelett also recognized her husband, Bob, and daughter, Alex, who were in the audience.      



Mrs. O’Bannon referred to a recent article in American City and County magazine highlighting an ethics survey of public sector employees.  She expressed concern over the survey results, which reflected the lack of a culture of ethics in some city and county governments and a high percentage of employees who feel there is something wrong with their government.  Mrs. O’Bannon introduced a Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Members of the Board of Supervisors for consideration by the Board at a future meeting.  She pointed out that although the Board has a mission statement on the County’s web site, no code of ethics is listed.  With the Board’s concurrence, Mr. Kaechele asked that Mr. Hazelett bring this matter before the Board in a work session.


Mr. Thornton recognized a group of students from Ms. Brenda Friend Briggs’ and Ms. Melissa K. Velazquez’s Administrative Practice and Procedure class at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College’s Parham Road campus.  The students are in the College’s Legal Assisting Program and attended the meeting to observe the Board’s public hearing procedures.  Joining Ms. Briggs in the audience were the following students:  Belinda Andrews, Yolanda El, Jessica Faulcon, Cynthia Wyche-Jackson, Rachel Leber, Kristyn Lette, Nafisa Neal, Christina Pedraja, Edievith Pollard, Shannon Purnell, Tilithia Rice, Linda Scott, Heather Silva, and Angela Wells.


Mr. Kaechele recognized the following Boy Scouts, who were observing the meeting to fulfill various rank requirements:  Chris Barr, Eric Dickerson, Ryan Dickerson, Tom Dickerson, J. T Glover, Kyle Pate, Andrew Stewart, John Stewart, David Wein, Marc Wein, and Brian Zamecnik from Troop 702, sponsored by Second Baptist Church; and Jacob Gilliam, Jesse Gilliam, Brian O’Neil, and Mike O’Neil from Troop 528, sponsored by Antioch Baptist Church.  


Mr. Kaechele recognized Will Jones of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.






Deferred to the August 12, 2008 Meeting

Request of Cadence Capital Investments to conditionally rezone from R-3 One-Family Residence District to B-2C Business District (Conditional), Parcels 769-756-6351, 769-756-6059, and 769-756-5766, containing 1.3815 acres, located at the northwest intersection of Staples Mill (State Route 33) and Old Staples Mill Roads. 




Deferred to February 26, 2008 Meeting

Request of Boushra and Edna Hanna and Donald and Shearin Whitehorn to conditionally rezone from A-1 Agricultural District to R-2AC One-Family Residence District (Conditional), part of Parcels 742-773-4344 and 742-773-5604, containing 7.127 acres, located on the northeast line of Hames Lane approximately 1,550 feet north of its intersection with Shady Grove Road. 



Deferred to February 26, 2008 Meeting


Request of Richmond 20 MHZ, LLC for a Provisional Use Permit under Sections 24-95(a), 24-120 and 24-122.1 of Chapter 24 of the County Code in order to construct a 144’ high telecommunications tower on part of Parcel 829-712-4591, located on the west line of Beulah Road approximately 195’ north of Treva Road. 




Approved with Conditions


Request of Bon Secours - Richmond Health System for a Provisional Use Permit under Sections 24-55(c), and 24-122.1 of Chapter 24 of the County Code to permit the conversion of a retail building (formerly Ukrop’s supermarket) to medical offices.  




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Conveyance of Real Estate at 319 Treva Road, located in the Varina District.





Resolution for Acceptance of Donation on behalf of Capital Area Training Consortium from Sternheimer Brothers, Inc.





Resolution for Authorization to Accept Workforce Investment Act Funds on behalf of the Jurisdictions that Comprise the Capital Area and City of Richmond Workforce Investment Areas and to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding Concerning those Funds.




Introduction of Ordinance to Create a Finance Board to Serve as Trustee of Funds Designated for Other Post-Employment Benefits Other Than Pensions and to Approve a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement Between the County of Henrico, Virginia and the County of Fairfax, Virginia for the Creation of the Virginia Pooled OPEB Trust Fund.




Introduction of Resolution for Receipt of Requests for Amendment to the FY 2007-08 Annual Fiscal Plan for February, 2008.




Resolution Authorizing and Providing for the Issuance of Not to Exceed Twenty-Five Million Dollars ($25,000,000) Principal Amount of General Obligation Public Improvement Refunding Bonds to Refund Certain of the County’s Outstanding General Obligation Public Improvement Bonds, Series 2001 and Series 2002; Fixing the Form, Denomination and Certain Other Details of Such Bonds; Approving the Sale of Such Bonds; Authorizing the Preparation and Distribution of a Preliminary Official Statement in Connection with the Sale of Such Bonds; Authorizing the Appointment of an Escrow Agent for the Refunded Bonds and the Execution and Delivery of an Escrow Deposit Agreement By and Between the County and Such Escrow Agent; Authorizing Other Actions with Respect to the Issuance and Sale of Such Bonds; and Ratifying Certain Acts and Proceedings.




Resolution for Award of Contract for Architectural and Engineering Services for Fire Station #3.




Resolution for Award of Construction Contract for Steel Building and Related Site Work at the Eastern Depot.




Resolution for Award of Construction Contract for Glen Allen Softball Complex, Replacement of Softball Field Lighting.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Award of Construction Contract for Water Reclamation Facility Phase 7 Enhanced Nutrient Removal to T.A. Loving Company.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Award of Contract for Fourmile Creek Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation for Eastern Henrico County Force Main for Portugee Road to Darbytown Road, Contract No. 4A.




Resolution to Permit Additional Fine of $200 for Speeding on Crenshaw Avenue between Azalea Avenue and Wilmer Avenue.





Resolution for Consent to Declaration of Local Emergency.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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