Board of Supervisors
Richard W. Glover, Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr., Vice-Chairman
David A. Kaechele
Patricia S. O'Bannon
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on November 14, 2006


Mr. Glover led the Board, staff, and public in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Rev. Wes Haddaway, Associate Pastor, Glen Allen Community Church, provided the invocation.


The Board approved the minutes of the October 24, 2006 Regular and Special Meetings.



Raymond C. Gudum, the Three Chopt District representative on the Henrico Area Mental Health and Retardation (MH/MR) Services Board, assumed Chairmanship of the Virginia Association of Community Services Boards (VACSB) at the organization’s July 2006 meeting.  Thomas J. Kirkup, Chairman of the MH/MR Services Board and its Tuckahoe District representative, was elected Treasurer of VACSB at the organization’s October 2006 meeting and Karen W. Grizzard, a family/consumer representative on the MH/MR Services Board and a resident of the Three Chopt District, was selected to serve on VACSB’s Board of Directors at the same meeting. VACSB is the professional organization for the Commonwealth’s 40 community services boards that serve citizens with mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse problems.


Christine Hardin, a resident of the Varina District, was introduced as the 2006 Henrico Christmas Mother. Joining her were the Chair and Co-Chair of the County Government Christmas Mother program, Barbara Poole of the County Manager’s Office and Lisa Orlosky of the Department of Information Technology.   Mrs. Hardin acknowledged the many efforts of the County’s general government and school employees, businesses, sponsoring organizations, and individual citizens in supporting the Henrico Christmas Mother program.  The monetary goal for this year’s program is $180,000.  Approximately 95 percent of the program’s cash donations go directly to the persons and families who have been targeted for assistance.  


Mrs. O’Bannon recognized the following Boy Scouts who were observing the meeting to fulfill a requirement for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge:  Chris Neff from Troop 509, sponsored by Four Mile Baptist Church; Chris Hancock from Troop 523, sponsored by Cool Spring Baptist Church, joined by Assistant Scoutmaster Kyle Hancock; Joey Gurley, Michael Mathews, and Zach Norman from Troop 535, sponsored by Church of the Creator; Tyler Phaup from Troop 700, sponsored by Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church; Connor Miksch, Scott Newton, and Robert Moore from Troop 702, sponsored by Second Baptist Church; Matthew Messina and Lucas Olson from Troop 706, sponsored by St. Peter’s Church; R. J. Barnes and Nathan Longest from Troop 710, sponsored by DeWitt Clinton Masonic Lodge No. 141; David Thompson from Troop 715, sponsored by Three Chopt Presbyterian Church; Joshua Weaver from Troop 728, sponsored by West Richmond Church of the Brethren, joined by Assistant Scoutmaster Alan Weaver; Taylor Johnson, Warren Jones, and Garris Wilkerson from Troop 732, sponsored by St. Peter Baptist Church; Eric Pollitt and Dean Remedios from Troop 736, sponsored by St. Michael’s Catholic Church; Rivers Jones and Philip Tickle from Troop 747, sponsored by Gayton Baptist Church; Joshua Billion, Jonathan Crockett, Conner O’Keefe, Shane Powers, and Garrett Russell from Troop 763, sponsored by Richmond Elks Lodge No. 45, joined by Assistant Scoutmaster Dave Billion; Andres Peaden, Robbie Peaden, Ryan Simmons, Zachary Soulier, and Paul Welch from Troop 772, sponsored by Discovery United Methodist Church; Chris McKenna from Troop 776, sponsored by the Columbian Center; Matt Voss from Troop 789, sponsored by Zion Baptist Church; Ryan Densley, Kenneth Jones, Bobby McGuigan, Kevin Williams, and Jeremy Wilson from Troop 799, sponsored by Trinity United Methodist Church, joined by Scoutmaster Bill White and Assistant Scoutmaster Kenny Jones; and William Stewart from Troop 823, sponsored by Powhatan United Methodist Church.  Mr. Donati noted that this was one of the largest groups of Scouts to attend a Henrico Board of Supervisors meeting in recent memory. He extended thanks to the men and women in the community who serve as Scout leaders.   



Mr. Glover recognized Olympia Meola of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Tom Lappas of the Henrico Citizen.






Resolution re-appointing Stephanie T. Ford and S. Floyd Mays, Jr. to the Economic Development Authority Board of Directors.






Approved with Proffered Conditions


Request of Susan Ware to conditionally rezone from A-1 Agricultural District to B-1C Business District (Conditional), Parcel 814-688-7044, containing approximately 1.896 acres, located at the northwest intersection of New Market Road (State Route 5) and Recreation Road. 








Request of Rogers-Chenault Inc to rezone from R-3C One-Family Residence District (Conditional) to C-1 Conservation District, part of Parcel 777-764-6922, containing 6.5 acres, located approximately 1,700 feet west of the intersection of Mountain Road and Megan Drive. 




Deferred to November 28, 2006 Meeting


Request of E.F. Moseley, LLC to conditionally rezone from A-1 Agricultural District to R-2AC One-Family Residence District (Conditional), Parcels 820-689-0994 and -3688, and part of Parcels 819-689-8194, 820-689-1644, and 818-688-9639, containing 21.33 acres, located on the west line of Doran Road approximately 3,300 feet north of New Market Road (State Route 5). 




Approved with Conditions

Request of Verizon Wireless for a Provisional Use Permit under Sections 24-92.2, 24-95(a), 24-120 and 24-122.1 of Chapter 24 of the County Code in order to construct a 150’ high monopole telecommunications tower on part of Parcel 802-736-8028, located at the northwest intersection of E. Laburnum Avenue and Mechanicsville Turnpike (U.S. Route 360).




Deferred to January 23, 2007 Meeting

Ordinance to Amend and Reordain subsections (d) and (e) of Section 24-8 of the Code of the County of Henrico Titled "Additional requirements, exceptions and modifications," To Modify Existing Requirements for Repair of Nonconforming Buildings Damaged by Natural Disasters.



Approved as Substitute for 360-06

Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Sections 24-50.11:1 Titled "Provisional uses permitted," 24-58.2 Titled "Provisional uses permitted," 24-59 Titled "Conditional uses permitted by special exception," 24-62.2 Titled "Provisional uses permitted," 24-63 Titled "Conditional uses permitted by special exception," 24-94 Titled "Table of regulations," 24-94.1 Titled "Yard and setback standards for tall buildings," and 24-101 Titled "Neighborhood and community shopping centers" of the Code of the County of Henrico, All to Allow Buildings up to 200 Feet in Height in Certain Zoning Districts.



Deferred to December 12, 2006 Meeting

Ordinance for Vacation of Portion of Alley Easement, Lot 5, Block B, in Norris Heights, located in the Brookland District.



Emily Gresock, a resident of the Tuckahoe District who was representing several Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing students, presented recommendations for the County to improve and increase sidewalks and promote “walkable” communities. 





Resolution for Signatory Authority for Agreement for FM Emergency Broadcasting Services.




Introduction of Ordinance to Establish Special Assessments for the Shops at White Oak Village Community Development Authority and Approve Certain Agreements.





Resolution for Award of Contract for Emergency Notification System.




Resolution for Award of Contract for Architectural and Engineering Services for Division of Recreation & Parks Western Maintenance Facility.




Resolution for SIA-03-06 for Northwest Area Elementary School #9 Site, Substantially in Accord with the Comprehensive Plan.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Quitclaim of Utility Easements for Staples Mill Square Shopping Center, located in the Brookland District.




Resolution accepting Hunton Estates, Section C, and Mountain Spring, Sections A & B, located in the Brookland District; and Luxford at Berkeley, Section 2, a Resubdivision of the Reserved Lot, Section 1, and Grey Oaks Park Drive, located in the Three Chopt District, into the County road system for maintenance .


Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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