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Richard W. Glover, Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr., Vice-Chairman
David A. Kaechele
Patricia S. O'Bannon
Frank J. Thornton

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on May 9, 2006


The invocation was given by Rev. Kathy B. Gochenour, Associate Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church.


The minutes of the April 25, 2006 Regular and Special Meetings were approved.



Mr. Kaechele saluted the Divisions of Police and Fire as well as the Department of Public Works for their traffic control and public safety efforts during the Crown Royal 400 NASCAR event at Richmond International Raceway on May 5 - 6. 



Mr. Glover recognized Olympia Meola of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Tom Lappas of the Henrico Citizen.






Resolution Commending Megan Silva.  Mr. Glover presented the resolution to Ms. Silva, a graduate of Hermitage High School and senior at Randolph-Macon College, on her many outstanding accomplishments and undisputed status as the most decorated student athlete in the history of Randolph-Macon.  Joining Ms. Silva were her parents, Albert and Catherine Silva; and Carroll LaHaye, Head Coach of Women’s Basketball, Randolph-Macon College. 


Mr. Thornton presented a proclamation recognizing May 14 - 20, 2006 as Emergency Medical Services Week.  Accepting the proclamation was John Tatum, President of the Henrico County Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads and President of the Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad.  Joining him were Steve Fleming, Vice-President of the Henrico County Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads and Training Officer for the Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad; Vernon Wilson, President of the Henrico Volunteer Rescue Squad; and Pam Sclar, Administrative Assistant for the Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad.


Mr. Kaechele presented a proclamation recognizing May 14 – 20, 2006 as Law Enforcement Officers Week and May 15, 2006 as Law Enforcement Memorial Day.  Accepting the proclamation was Col. Henry W. Stanley, Jr., Chief of Police.  Joining him from the Division of Police were Lt. Col. Douglas A. Middleton, Deputy Chief; Capt. Steven F. Alloway, Commanding Officer of Uniform Operations, Evening Watch; Captain Alan K. Winderweedle, Commanding Officer of Community Services; Lt. Carl A. Mueller, Commander of Special Services; and Sgt. Richard F. Crook, Community Services, Aerial Unit.  





Resolution appointing Dr. Ronald L. Carey to the Board of Real Estate Review and Equalization.







Request of Duke Management Services to conditionally rezone from R-4, One-Family Residence District and B-3, Business District to M-2C, General Industrial District (Conditional), Parcel 783-759-6898 and part of Parcel 783-760-6649, containing approximately 4.86 acres, located on the west line of Brook Road (U.S. Route 1) approximately 920 feet south of Georgia Avenue. 




Approved with Proffered Conditions


Request of William Pollard for Hay Lam to rezone from B-2 Business District to B-3C Business District (Conditional), Parcel 802-735-5020, containing 0.805 acre, located on the west line of Mechanicsville Turnpike at Rescue Ave. 



Approved Amendment to Proffered Conditions


Request of Granville South Subdivision Property Owners to amend proffered conditions accepted with Rezoning Case C-42C-91, on part of parcels 731-760-2030, 731-760-3631, 731-760-5226, 731-760-6814, 731-760-7035, 731-760-8636, and all of parcels 731-760-3746, 731-760-2645, 731-760-1345, 731-760-0653, 731-760-0067, 731-760-0078, 731-760-1585, 731-760-2171, 731-760-3364, 731-760-3174, 731-760-2987, 731-760-4194, 731-760-5791, 731-760-5275, 731-760-5463, 731-760-5553, and 731-760-5642, containing 12.7 acres located west of North Gayton Road along Favero Road and Elwell Lane (Granville South Subdivision). 





Ordinance to Amend and Reordain the Following Sections of the Code of the County of Henrico:  7-1 Entitled “Definitions,” 7-2 Entitled “Franchise required to operate cable television system,” 7-3 Entitled “Limits on grantee’s recourse,” 7-4 Entitled “Right of county to grant license or easement to traverse franchise area,” 7-5 Entitled “Acceptance of terms and conditions by grantee,” 7-6 Entitled “Failure of county to enforce compliance not to excuse noncompliance,” 7-7 Entitled “Rights reserved to county,” 7-8 Entitled “Grantee’s employment practices,” 7-9 Entitled “Time deemed essence of agreement,” 7-10 Entitled “Unlawful acts,” 7-31 Entitled “Authority to grant franchises; criteria for granting,” 7-32 Entitled “Application form and contents; application fee,” 7-33 Entitled “Required services and facilities,” 7-51 Entitled “Term,” 7-52 Entitled “Notice of meetings involving action on franchise,” 7-53 Entitled “Authority to order modifications of system,” 7-54 Entitled “Renewal of franchise,” 7-55 Entitled “Revocation procedures,” 7-56 Entitled “Effect of arbitrary and capricious action by grantee,” 7-57 Entitled “Determination of fair market price by circuit court,” 7-58 Entitled “Transfer of ownership to county,” 7-59 Entitled “Right of county to assign purchase rights,” 7-60 Entitled “Continuation of grantee as trustee after transfer of assets to county – duties of grantee,” 7-61 Entitled “Same – management fees for grantees operating facilities as trustees,” 7-62 Entitled “Franchise fees,” 7-63 Entitled “Insurance; indemnification of county,” 7-64 Entitled “Letter of credit,” 7-65 Entitled “Assessment of liquidated damages,” 7-66 Entitled “Transfer of franchise,” 7-91 Entitled “Subscriber fees; rate increases,” 7-92 Entitled “Records to be furnished to county; inspection of records,” 7-93 Entitled “Fiscal reports,” 7-121 Entitled “Initial franchise area; amendments to franchise area,” 7-122 Entitled “Extension of service outside initial franchise area,” 7-123 Entitled “Interconnections,” 7-124 Entitled “Compliance with FCC rules; service to schools, public buildings, etc.,” 7-125 Entitled “General operating requirements,” 7-126 Entitled “Tests and performance monitoring,” 7-127 Entitled “Performance evaluation sessions,” 7-128 Entitled “Service, adjustment and complaint procedures,” 7-129 Entitled “Street occupancy,” 7-130 Entitled “Construction schedule and reports,” 7-131 Entitled “Protection of subscriber privacy,” and 7-151 Entitled “Required; use;” to Add to Article IV of Chapter 7 of the Code of the County of Henrico Entitled “Subscriber Fees; Records and Reports” Sections: 7-94 Entitled “Annual report,” 7-95 Entitled “Other reports,” and 7-96 Entitled “Reports – generally;” to Renumber Article VI of Chapter 7 of the Code of the County of Henrico Entitled “Access Channels” to Article VII Entitled “Access Channels;” and to Add a New Article VI to Chapter 7 of the Code of the County of Henrico Entitled “Customer Service” Consisting of Sections:  7-141 Entitled “Customer service – generally,” 7-142 Entitled “Telephone answering,” 7-143 Entitled “Installations and service calls,” 7-144 Entitled “Notice,” 7-145 Entitled “Billing,” 7-146 Entitled “Disconnection,” and 7-147 Entitled “Customer service – other” All Relating to the Requirement of a Franchise to Operate a Cable System within the County and the Terms and Conditions Under Which Such Franchise Shall be Operated.




Ordinance to Grant Comcast Cablevision of Massachusetts/Virginia, Inc. the Right and Privilege to Construct, Operate, and Maintain a Cable System Within the County.







Resolution for Award of Contract for Architectural and Engineering Services for Belmont Recreation Center, HVAC Replacement.




Resolution for Award of Contract for Architectural and Engineering Services for Glen Allen Library Addition and Renovation.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Change Order #2 to the Construction Contract for Emergency Generators.




Resolution for SIA-02-06 for East Area Elementary School Site Substantially in Accord with the Comprehensive Plan.




Resolution for Acceptance of Gift from the Association for the Preservation of Henrico Antiquities.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Lease for Victim/Witness Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office at 3001 Hungary Spring Road, located in the Brookland District.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Acquisition of Right-of-Way and Easements for John Rolfe Parkway Project to Three Sons, LLC, located in the Three Chopt District.




Resolution for Signatory Authority for Addendum to Lease for Henrico Drug Court at 4915 Radford Avenue, Suite 200, located in the Three Chopt District.





Resolution for Award of Construction Contract for Brittles Lane/Masonic Lane and Gay Avenue Intersection Improvement. Project #2110.50704.2880.00598 (formerly #556035-704-237-00), located in the Varina District.



Approved as Substitute for



Resolution to Permit Additional Fine of $200 for Speeding on a Portion of Harding’s Trace Lane between Harding’s Trace Way and Garinger Court.




Resolution for Settlement of Syed R. Alam v. Paul Weimer and the School Board of Henrico County.



Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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