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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on May 25, 2004

Rev. Dr. J. Rayfield Vines, Pastor, Hungary Road Baptist Church, provided the invocation.

The minutes of the May 11, 2004 Regular and Special Meetings were approved.


The 2004 Henrico County March of Dimes Fundraising Campaign raised $13,600, more than the combined contributions of the 2002 and 2003 campaigns. Forty-four (44) walkers representing ten County agencies registered for the WalkAmerica event held on April 24. The Countys team was number one in the region in total donations. Sandra Corcoran, a Management Specialist in the Department of General Services, enthusiastically and successfully coordinated the Countys campaign and its many team captains for the second year in a row. Six departments each raised over $1,000, with the Department of Social Services (led by Mary Davis and Margi Fox) and the Department of Public Utilities (led by Patricia Jones and Kim Huffman) in front of the pack. The Department of Finance (led by Jennifer Borroughs, Rita Adkins, and Carolyn Snavely) and the Division of Fire (led by Cathy Rosenbaum) tied for second in the amount of funds raised. The Division of Recreation and Parks and the Sheriffs Office were the other two agencies with contributions exceeding $1,000.


Anne Sterling, a resident of the Tuckahoe District, asked the Board to exercise patience and caution in the purchase of new electronic voting machines in view of questions raised in the media regarding the accuracy of the technology.

Chris Chilton, President of the Henrico Education Association and a resident of the Tuckahoe District, expressed support for continuation of the Supplemental Retirement Plan for school division employees. She also asked the Board to use the increases in state education funding for the purposes intended by the Virginia General Assembly and not to reduce the Countys share of funding for public schools.

Brenda Brown, Chairman of the Board of the River Bluffs Association and President of its Neighborhood Watch organization, represented the Springdale community in expressing concerns regarding the impact of zip codes on the insurance premiums of community residents, limited community controls over the placement of group homes, and behavioral and disciplinary problems at Fairfield Middle School.


Mrs. OBannon noted that she had received a number of telephone calls from constituents voicing concerns about the health and appearance of their oak trees. After conferring with the Countys Extension Agent, Karen Carter, Mrs. OBannon learned that two deciduous tree diseases have caused some oak trees in western Henrico to drop their leaves prematurely. According to Ms. Carter, these diseases will not destroy the trees.


Mrs. OBannon recognized the presence of Nicole Johnson of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tom Lappas of the Henrico Citizen, and Jonathan Spiers of the Henrico County Leader.


Introduction of Resolution for Agreed Relocation of the Common Boundary Line Between the County of Goochland, Virginia and the County of Henrico, Virginia.
Introduction of Resolution for Receipt of Requests for Amendment to the 2003-04 Annual Fiscal Plan for June, 2004.
Introduction of Ordinance Granting Property Tax Exemption to Tuckahoe Village West Recreation Association.
Resolution for Authorization for Application to Amend City of Richmond North Enterprise Zone in Henrico County.
Resolution for Signatory Authority for Quitclaim of Portion of Utility Easement for Ironwood at Crossridge, Section 1, located in the Brookland District.
Resolution for Signatory Authority for Quitclaim of Portion of Drainage
Easement for Borders Book Store on West Broad Street, located in the Three Chopt District.
Resolution for Signatory Authority for Lease for Division of Police in Woodland Business Center, located in the Varina District.
Resolution for Acceptance of Gift from Mr. Robert Meixner.
Resolution for Acceptance of Gift from Victory Automotive Group, Inc. for Short Pump Elementary School Track.
Resolution accepting Mill Place West, Section B, located in the Brookland District, into the County road system for maintenance.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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