Board of Supervisors
Patricia S. O'Bannon, Chairman
Frank J. Thornton, Vice-Chairman
James B. Donati, Jr.
Richard W. Glover
David A. Kaechele

County Manager
Virgil R. Hazelett, P.E.
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Summary of Actions Taken by the Board on January 13, 2004

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Dibble, Associate Pastor, River Road Church – Baptist, provided the invocation.

The minutes of the December 9, 2003 Regular and Special Meetings and December 15, 2003 Meeting were approved.


Mr. Donati noted that Henrico County’s Board of Supervisors is the longest serving incumbent county board of supervisors in the Commonwealth according to the Virginia Association of Counties.  He thanked Mr. Hazelett and the County staff for the great job they do in helping the Board of Supervisors be successful.     

Mr. Kaechele recognized the following Boy Scouts who were observing the meeting:  Ben Eichler from Troop 795, sponsored by Glen Allen Baptist Church; and Ben Vaughan, Taylor Holland, and Bryan Shadron from Troop 772, sponsored by Discovery United Methodist Church.

Mrs. O'Bannon recognized Dr. Nelson Wikstrom, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University, and noted his recent contributions to the County authoring a book on County Manager Government in Henrico, Virginia.


Mr. Kaechele recognized the presence of Chris Dovi of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tom Lappas of the Henrico Citizen, and Jonathan Spiers of the Henrico County Leader.


Mrs. O’Bannon presented a proclamation recognizing January 18 – 24, 2004 as Henrico Jaycee Week.  Accepting the proclamation were Patricia A. Tyler, President of the Tuckahoe Jaycees, and Denise P. Schnabel, 2003 President of the West End Jaycees.


Approved Resolution electing Patricia S. O’Bannon as Chairman.
Approved Resolution electing Frank J. Thornton as Vice-Chairman.
Approved Resolution for Establishment of Dates, Time and Location of Regular Meetings of the Board of Supervisors for 2004.
Approved Resolution reappointing David A. Kaechele to the Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads.
Approved Resolution reappointing Bernard C. Mills, Jr. to the Board of Building Code Appeals.
Approved Resolution appointing Marilee M. Tretina, Helen E. Harris, John G. Myers, Jr., Richard Cocke, and Gail L. Sailes to the Board of Real Estate Review and Equalization.
Approved Resolution reappointing Richard W. Glover to the Board of Social Services.
Approved Resolution accepting the resignation of Samuel H. Turner from the Board of the Short Pump Town Center Community Development Authority.
Approved Resolution appointing H. Preston Harrison to the Board of the Short Pump Town Center Community Development Authority.
Approved Resolution reappointing Herbert L. Dunford, Jr., Thomas M. Branin, and Samuel B. Straus to the Cable Television Advisory Committee.
Approved Resolution reappointing James B. Donati, Jr., David A. Kaechele, John G. Dankos, Sr., and Thomas E. Pruitt to the Capital Region Airport Commission.
Approved Resolution reappointing Quincy R. Umphlette to the Charles City, Hanover, Henrico, and New Kent Disability Services Board.
Approved Resolution appointing Clyde L. Hughes, Jr., Grant L. Moffett, Harold D. Parker, Jr., Alexander L. Taylor, Jr., John E. McDonald, Jr., Rowland W. Dwyer, Jr., John B. Wake, Jr., D. Thomas Doub, and Robert T. Royster as Persons Eligible to Serve as Third Member of Employee Grievance Panels.
Approved Resolution reappointing Beverly L. Hale-Cocke, John A. Szeker, Vee J. Davis, Warner M. Jones, Sr., G. Norwood Nuckols, Jr., Margaret M. Thistlethwaite, Beverley H. Davis, Courtney S. Hunt, Richard C. McNeil, and Henry L. Nelson, Jr., to the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee.
Approved Resolution accepting the resignation of Elizabeth H. Holmes from the Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee.
Approved Resolution appointing Doris B. Davis, Christina M. Harris, Stanley M. Booker, Sr., Virginia T. Roane, Patricia Kelsey Schultz, Charles E. Bingley, Jr., Michaele G. Upshur, M. J. Cline, Cathy J. Reiner, and Barbara E. Williams to the Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee.
Approved Resolution reappointing Harmohinder P. Singh-Sandhu, Ann M. Kutz, Anne D. Sterling, and Joyce S. Pittman to the Library Advisory Board.
Approved Resolution accepting the resignations of Gregory F. Britt, Steven M. DeLisi, William F. Renz, and William M. Cox from the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
Approved Resolution nominating Christopher H. Buehren, Brian E. Iverson, John J. Baumann, and Brian McBride to the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
Approved Resolution reappointing James B. Donati, Jr. to the Maymont Foundation Board of Directors.
Approved Resolution appointing James A. Martin, Raymond C. Gudum, Wanetta J. Grignol, and Gregory G. Morrison to the Henrico Area Mental Health and Retardation Services Board.
Approved Resolution appointing Patricia S. O’Bannon, Frank J. Thornton, E. Todd Eure, and Randall R. Silber as members, and John R. Marlles and Robert C. Thompson as alternate members of the Richmond Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Approved Resolution appointing Frank J. Thornton, Jeffrie L. Hedrick, Carroll W. Robb, Bobby J. Junes, and Elaine Eberly to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission.
Approved Resolution appointing Ernest B. Vanarsdall, Chris W. Archer, John Marshall, Lisa D. Ware, E. Ray Jernigan, and James B. Donati, Jr. to the Henrico County Planning Commission.
Approved Resolution nominating David A. Kaechele to the Stadium Operating Committee of the Richmond Metropolitan Authority.
Approved Resolution appointing James B. Donati, Jr., Richard W. Glover, David A. Kaechele, Patricia S. O’Bannon, Frank J. Thornton, and Lisa D. Ware as members, and Harvey L. Hinson as an alternate member of the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission.
Approved Resolution appointing Robert J. Hayes, Loren M. Johnson, Carlos M. Brown, James E. Quinn, III, James E. Washok, Jr., Leslie A. Creech, Brian B. Deasy, Jimmy H. Eastman, Janie Y. Hudson, Mindy C. Fast, Daniel C. Galloway, Jr., Andrew P. Rose, and Michael T. Shaughnessy to the Technology Advisory Committee.
Approved Resolution reappointing Patricia S. O’Bannon, George J. Haudricourt, Jr., James M. Tyler, III, Marvin L. Ulmer, Deborah G. LaVecchia, and W. Murray Bullock, Jr. to the Transportation Safety Commission.


Approved Resolution for Support of Enabling Legislation to Allow an Increase in the Local Transient Occupancy Tax.

Proud of Our Progress; Excited About Our Future.

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