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Off-Duty; On-Duty

A resident who suffered cardiac arrest while shopping at the Publix on Laburnum Avenue thanked Firefighter Jake White, who was off-duty at the time, for administering CPR and an AED until a Division of Fire ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. Because of the quick response, the resident survived the incident and is doing fine.

Non-Emergency to the Rescue!!

A resident thanked Sandy Grata, a Police Communications Officer, for providing wonderful assistance when she placed a call from work to the County’s non-emergency number seeking an ambulance for her mother. She also expressed gratitude to the Division of Fire responders, who were on the scene within minutes.


A resident thanked the Public Library for the resources afforded to her, especially the Bookmobile and its friendly and helpful staff. She cited the Bookmobile as one of the best “perks” offered to Henrico citizens.

Public Utilities to the Rescue…

A resident wanted to thank the work crew from the Department of Public Utilities Rodney Thomas; Darrell Harris; Cliff Robinson; Juan Little; Milton Robinson and Leroy Smith who located and cleared a root ball drain stoppage that had stopped all water draining from his home to the street sewer line. He noted “all were clean, professional in appearance, well spoken, courteous, cooperative and did their part in an excellent manner.”  Way to Go Team….

Tree Removal

A resident called to thank Officer Nick Wieland after a small tree fell across N. Mooreland Road near their home.  As the tree was being removed Office Wieland blocked the road with his patrol car and helped clear the tree debris including the small trunk.  Great example of the work and service of Henrico Police Division nice job, Office Wieland!!!

Hot Water?

The County Manager thanked the Department of General Services and Public Utilities for their recent assistance in excavating areas of Jail East to perform repairs on the hot water lines.  The following individuals were willing to help in any way and shared the responsibility to complete the task this past weekend: Mark Brown, Keith Gordon, Brett Gwynn, Darrell Harris, Nate Hinkle, James McComb, James Moore, Russell Stull and Kurt Woodfin.

Operation Paintbrush…

Mark Strickler, Director of Community Revitalization, thanked all the Department Heads & Key Officials who attended the Operation Paintbrush community service project.  The project was a success, and the resident was truly appreciative.  Paula Reid, Director of Human Resources, stated the purpose of this project is to promote community service among employees.

Division of Fire’s Smoke Alarm Initiative…It Works!

Henry Rosenbaum, Battalion Chief and Fire Marshal for the Division of Fire, noted Henrico firefighters were dispatched on Saturday afternoon to Osborne Turnpike to rescue a woman trapped inside her house, which was on fire.  The woman had been sleeping but was alerted by a working smoke detector and was able to relocate to another section of her house and call for help.  As a result of the Division of Fire’s Smoke Alarm Initiative, this woman’s life was saved.

Letter of Appreciation…

A Manager from the Junior Achievement of Central Virginia sent a letter of appreciation to staff members of the Libbie Mill Library and the General Services Department.  A training session was held on the third floor of the Library, but the training materials were too large to fit in the elevators.  Kate Cervarich, Isaak Hopson, Maria Colon, and Richard Morse assisted the manager in carrying 3 pallets worth of workbooks to the third floor classroom.  The generosity of the staff was indescribable, and Junior Achievement is thankful to have an incredible neighbor on the first floor.

Shining Example!

Kara Rothman and Mike Shoop from the Tuckahoe Area Library assisted a gentleman from Alabama find information on his ancestor who was in the Civil War in Henrico.  The Alabama resident was grateful to have experienced this shining example of public service.