The population being served under this program are individuals over the age of 18 who are addicted to or abuse alcohol and/other drugs. Problems associated with alcohol or other drug use affect not only the individual but also the family, the workplace, and the general community. Substance abuse services help individuals and families who experience the adverse effects of alcohol and other drug use.

Substance abusing adults usually develop unhealthy ways of managing stress and interacting with family and friends. This may result in disruptive behavioral changes including:

  • Conflicts at home
  • Irritability or show of temper
  • Conflicts on the job
  • Unpredictability
  • Frequent job changes
  • Legal difficulties
  • Depression
  • Suicide

Substance abuse is present when a person’s use of alcohol or other drugs continues despite problems it causes in any area of life: personal, social, familial, medical, and/or employment. While alcohol is the substance most frequently abused, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and multiple drug abuse are common. A high percentage of Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services clients are dually diagnosed, having significant mental health problems in conjunction with primary drug or alcohol problems.

The agency provides a variety of services to assist individuals and families toward recovery:

Women’s Services

Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services (HAMHDS) offers specialized evidence-based outpatient substance abuse treatment programming for women. HAMHDS gives priority to pregnant & post-partum women who are using drugs and/or alcohol. Therapeutic interventions address issues such as relapse prevention, self-care, relationships and intimacy, healthy boundaries, parenting, domestic violence/abuse, and exploitation. Providers help participants link to community-based resources

“I was placed in the women’s recovery group here at Henrico County Mental Health and I began to attend it. It was my twice weekly appointment that I had to keep. Having that scheduled time and consistent familiar faces each week was vital to keeping me sober in early recovery. It was in this group of women that I found my voice, my strength and began my recovery.” – graduate from women’s services

Outpatient Services

Services start with a thorough evaluation. Treatment recommendations are made based on the result of the evaluation. Recommendations may range from individual or family counseling, substance abuse education groups, addiction treatment groups, detoxification or residential treatment. Urine drug screens are done as part of the initial assessment and ongoing support of treatment. Intervention services are available, as well as specialized groups. In addition to the clinic-based services, there are extensive addiction treatment services offered in the Henrico Jail.

Detoxification and Residential Treatment

Detoxification and Residential Treatment are available through arrangements with local private hospitals and specialized treatment facilities. Heroin addiction has increased significantly over the past 3 years; as a result, an Opiate Recovery Program has been developed to provide specialized services for this addiction.

Acupuncture services are available to assist with the management of craving and withdrawal. Involvement in self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Narcotics Anonymous is an important component of treatment.