To Contact Prevention Services in:
Henrico County – (804) 222.2607
Charles City & New Kent – (804) 966.5959

Henrico Prevention Services provides an array of services that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles to support healthy youth development. Programs address community needs identified by stakeholders as risk factors and protective factors. Risk factors are personal characteristics or community features that increase the danger of substance abuse, mental health concerns, or other problem behaviors such as teen pregnancy, delinquency and violence. Protective factors, often called “assets”, increase healthy behaviors and lifestyles,and ultimately reduce the risk for problem behaviors. By addressing risks and building upon the strengths of Henrico youth, families, schools and communities, the need for more costly treatment services is prevented.



CONNECT is an after-school program available to youth ages 6 thru 16 in the following communities:

  • Henrico Arms
  • New Bridge
  • Oakland Village
  • Richfield
  • The Noelle

CONNECT Program components include:

  • Homework assistance
  • Mentorship
  • Life skills training (evidence-based programs)
  • Substance abuse refusal skills
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Socialization skills
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Career development and employment opportunities
  • Youth Leadership Development

Evidence-based programs target school-age youth to promote healthy development and lifestyles. Objectives include addressing the developmental and gender-specific needs of youth, promoting life skills, and building resiliency against substance use and other at-risk behaviors. The research-based curriculums (i.e., Al’s Pals, Life Skills, and Safe Dates) educate and empower participants to build confidence, resist negative peer pressure, avoid ATOD use, achieve academically, and become good citizens. Parent programs (FAST/ FASTWORKS, Guiding Good Choices) are also offered to provide strategies to increase parental effectiveness in promoting healthy behaviors in youth.

F.A.S.T (Families and Schools Together) is a research-based program that is implemented at Laburnum Elementary School in Henrico County, and in the Charles City and New Kent County elementary schools. Any family with a child in these schools is eligible to participate in the program. The F.A.S.T program offers eight, weekly sessions with families that are held at the respective elementary schools in the evening. The program offers families the opportunity to strengthen parenting skills, increase parental participation with the school, and develop a network of resources and social supports to reduce stress and enhance family functioning. There is also a follow-up FASTWORKS component. FASTWORKS is a parent-run support program for graduates of the F.A.S.T program. The meetings usually occur in the evening or on weekends. Participation is voluntary on the part of the families.

The Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition and Charles City Prevention Coalition are a strategic prevention planning process that includes a broad-based network of public and private agencies, and local businesses. The focus of the coalitions’ work is to promote health and wellness, and empower the community to reduce at-risk behaviors.

Youth Leadership Development

The coalitions also have a Youth Leadership Development Program comprised of middle and high school youth from the respective counties. Youth play an active role in coalition activities including the planning and implementation of prevention strategies, and providing community service. The youth receive training in Prevention strategies and leadership skills.


Opportunities are available to all Henrico, Charles City and New Kent County residents for training in:

  • Effective Prevention Strategies
  • Choosing/implementing a Prevention Program
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Peer Mediation

Technical Assistance

Prevention Specialists are available to provide technical assistance to organizations
and groups in Henrico, Charles City, and New Kent counties working to enhance
the effectiveness of their prevention efforts and programming.


The following workshops/classes are available to residents of Henrico, Charles City and New Kent counties. Referrals are received from schools and the community.

Safe Dates – Creating Healthy Teen Dating Relationships

The Safe Dates Program helps teens identify behaviors that make a dating relationship healthy or unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

Guiding Good Choices
A 5- week course for parents of children grades 4 – 7 that provides specific strategies to increase parental effectiveness in promoting healthy behaviors in children and to prevent the choice of substance use or other problem behaviors.

Speaker’s Bureau

Prevention Specialists are available to schools and community groups in Henrico, Charles City and New Kent counties to speak on a variety of prevention-related topics, and provide information on healthy youth development and community resources.


To Contact Prevention Services in:

Henrico County – (804) 222.2607
Charles City & New Kent – (804) 966.5959

You may visit us at: