Keeping Families and Children Together

The Child and Family Services Program works with children between the ages of 3 and 13 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. The child’s family is seen as the primary point of intervention with the belief that with the right skills and supports, parents and caretakers can provide a safe, nurturing environment for the child regardless of the child’s behavioral and emotional problems. The Child and Family Services Program is based on the belief that all children do best when they are living in a home-like setting.

There are a variety of services offered to assist families in managing their children. The decision about which of these services is most appropriate is jointly made with the family and the child’s therapist. Services offered include:


Licensed therapist meet with the child and family on a regular basis to develop
strategies to assist in managing the child’s emotional and behavioral difficulties. Typically these therapy sessions will include the child and family members. Children who need evaluation for medication and follow-up monitoring are referred to our staff psychiatrist specializing in working with children and adolescent or to a child psychiatrist in the community.


Case Management Services are provided to those children and families who are experiencing significant stress due to environmental factors such as housing issues, transportation issues, educational issues and difficulty accessing appropriate services. The goal of case management is to assist the family in developing the necessary skills and resources to manage these situations if they occur again, and to reduce the level of stress to the point that the child and family can participate fully in therapy and the parents can focus more of their energy on parenting.


The High Fidelity Wrap Around Model is used to maintain youth in a home-like setting. Youth who have been involved with significant mental health intervention and who are at risk of being placed at a residential facility can be referred for this service. The trained ICC coordinator will work with the family to identify supports, services, and develop a detailed crisis intervention/prevention plan. The ICC coordinator will also facilitate monthly family/team meetings and provide support to the family in making sure their needs are being met by service providers.


Our “Incredible Years” parenting program is a 12 week program that works with families on strengthening parent-child interactions, nurturing relationships, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional and language development. The targeted age range is 3-6 years of age.


These are time limited services that are provided to help maintain a youth in the home setting. Typically these sessions happen both in the community and the therapist’s office. There is coordination with case management as well as appropriate coordination with the youth’s psychiatrist.


Crisis intervention, stabilization, state hospital discharge planning, and mental health consultation are provided to detained youth.

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