Leadership is the responsiblity of everyone at HAMHDS. If we are to be successful in promoting our vision, fulfilling our mission and living our values, all of us must lead.

  • We commit to lead with INTEGRITY.
  • CREATIVITY will strengthen our organization and the services we provide.

  • We will be honest in all our dealings.
  • We will always look for new opportunities to do better.

  • We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to meet our commitments and to honor the values of the organization.
  • We will support creative and novel approaches to solutions.
  • We will demonstrate good STEWARDSHIP of the human and material resources we have been entrusted.
  • We will learn from the things we try.

  • We will put service to our mission above personal convenience. We will advocate for the best interest of the people we serve.

  • We will be open to change and will nurture a spirit of discovery and adventure.

  • We value OPENNESS in decision making.

  • We recognize that each person’s PARTICIPATION in the life of the organization is essential for us to reach our vision.

  • We will share information with each other so that we can be effective in our work. We will admit our mistakes.
  • We commit ourselves and will encourage each other to engage in making decisions, solving problems and moving the agency forward.
  • We will seek out opportunities to engage in honest dialogue.



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