Q: Where can I pay or get information about my personal property tax bill?

A: Check the Finance Department’s individual property tax information page, or call the Revenue Division at 501-5580.

Q: How do I report an abandoned vehicle in someone’s yard?

A: Call the Community Maintenance 24 hour hotline at 501-4757.

Q: Where can I pay a traffic ticket?

A: At General District Court. Call 501-4723 or you may prepay your fine @ www.courts.state.va.us.

Q: Where can I get copies of birth certificates and death certificates?

A: Call the Virginia Office of Vital Records or contact our Health Department.

Q: I am researching my family tree and genealogy. Where can I find information about my ancestors?

A: Contact the Virginia Office of Vital Records and the Archives Division, The Library of Virginia.

Q: Where can I report littered or poorly maintained yards in my neighborhood?

A: Call Community Maintenance at 501-4757.

Q: How can I find out who my Congressman is?

A: Check our US Congress and Virginia General Assembly page or contact the Registrar’s Office at 501-4347.

Q: How do I get a dog license?

A: Look at the dog license service page.

Q: Where can I go to take out a warrant on someone?

A: Contact the Magistrate’s Office, located at the jail, at 501-5285. For details, look at the Division of Police’s FAQ page.

Q: Where can I call if I have a school-related problem?

A: Use this link to the Henrico County Schools for advice.

Q: Where can I find the closest park to my house?

A: Call the Division of Recreation and Parks.

Q: How can I find a County employee?

A: Contact the Human Resources Department at 501-4628.

Q: How can I report unsanitary conditions in a public eating establishment?

A: Call the Health Department in the western Government Center’s Human Services Building at 501-4530.

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