The County Manager’s Office administers the daily activities of the County in a variety of areas and provides direction and oversight to County agencies in implementing policies adopted by the Board of Supervisors and procedures established by the County Manager. Its objectives are as follows:

  • To execute all duties required by law and the Board of Supervisors
  • To manage the County government effectively and efficiently
  • To keep the Board of Supervisors and the public informed of the activities of County government
  • To monitor and advise County officials on all pertinent legislation before the General Assembly and prepare the annual legislative program and summary

Several agencies report directly to the County Manager, including County Attorney, Fire, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Police, and Public Relations & Media Services. Other agencies report to one of the County’s four Deputy Managers as follows:

The County Manager’s Office is also staffed by an Assistant to the County Manager for Board Affairs and a Legislative Liaison.

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