The Henrico County Code is available online from two sources.

The following instructions on how to use the online Code should help you find what you need. You may want to print these out to keep handy if you’re new to using the online Code.

Access from County Website

You can go directly to the County Code by clicking this link. Each chapter is provided in Adobe PDF format. The free Adobe Acrobat reader must be installed on your computer to access the chapters. The County Code available from this link will generally be updated within 48 hours after adoption of amendments by the Board of Supervisors. It will be the easiest version to use.


Access from Municipal Code Corporation Website

You can also review the County Code (as well as those of other Virginia localities) by visiting the home page of the County’s code publisher. Municipal Code Corporation’s home page is located at

The text of the County Code on the Municipal Code Corporation website is not updated after each amendment by the Board of Supervisors. Therefore, you should review the listing of ordinances passed since the last update of the online version. For your convenience, the main page provides links to each of these ordinances.

To review the County Code on the Municipal Code Corporation home page, select “Search FREE Municipal Code Library” in the “Access to Municipal Codes” box, click on “Virginia” on the map or select “Virginia” in the “Select State” box, and then select “Henrico County.” You can then click on “Henrico County Code of Ordinances.” You will be taken to a page with a listing of the chapters on the left and a listing of all ordinances received by Municipal Code since the last update.

You can browse the table of contents in the left hand window by clicking on the yellow folder (expand) symbol to see more detail about a chapter. Text appears in the adjacent (document) window. You can also type in key word(s) of your search in the search window, then click on the [Search] button. A search will be performed and the number of ‘hits’ found will be displayed. You can expand the search hits and read their Code contents by clicking on them. For more detail on searching, click on the “Help” tab at the top of the page.