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We all live in a watershed—an area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, river, lake or wetland. Within a watershed, all the rain, hail, sleet, or snow that falls eventually flows to the same water body. The water may travel over land as surface water or underground as groundwater. Many small watersheds make up larger watersheds. The water moves from river to river until it eventually makes its way to the bay and the ocean.


Homes, businesses, roads, farms, and forests lie within watersheds. Watersheds are affected by people.  When we are careless, we damage the watershed and reduce water quality. When we conserve water, prevent pollution, and take actions to clean up our waterways, we improve the watershed and water quality. Do you know where water sheds, or goes, in your community?


Henricopolis invites Henrico County K-12 students to create a poster entitled “Where Does Your Water Shed?” The poster should tell the story of our watersheds and should impart a conservation message.  For rules, entry forms and resources please click on the links below.  For questions or to schedule a Henricopolis staff member to visit your class or scout troop, contact Lindy Durham at dur24@co.henrico.va.us or 501-5175.


2013 Poster Contest Entry Form

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