Board of Building Code Appeals

Purpose: Hear and render a decision on appeals from contractors & citizens resulting from the Building Official's application of various codes and regulations

Membership Criteria: Registered architect, professional engineer, residential builder, commercial builder, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, electrical contractor


Mr. Donald L. Strange-Boston, P.E., AIA
Commercial Builder
Mr. Mark J. Hourigan
Electrical Contractor
Mr. Steven A. Foster
Electrical Engineer
Mr. Joseph J. Hayes, Jr., P.E.
Mechanical Contractor
Mr. R. Sydnor Reames, P.E., LEED AP
Mechanical Engineer
Mr. Thomas A. Rockecharlie III, P.E., LEED AP
Plumbing Contractor
Mr. Joseph M. Kelleher Jr.
Residential Builder
Mr. Robert T. Royster
Structural Engineer
Mr. Robert F. Nelson Jr., P.E.

Terms: 5

Meeting Dates: Scheduled as needed

Meeting Location: Henrico County Government Ctr. West

Contact: Linda Brown Administrative Assistant 804-501-4374

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