EHS serves on Henrico County’s Panel of Medical Providers for the evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries. Refer to the County’s occupational injury control plan found in the Employee Safety Manual (currently being revised) for more information regarding the prevention of injury.

If an injury occurs at the work-site:

  • Assess the situation to determine level of care (call EHS at 501-1600 if in doubt).
  • Call 911 for conditions requiring Emergency Care.
  • Give appropriate first aid.
  • For non-emergency care, direct or transport the employee to employees’ choice of Henrico County’s approved medical providers (intranet only).
  • For non-urgent injury evaluation, call medical provider (intranet only) for an appointment.
  • Contact the Risk Management Division for assistance with forms (intranet only) and information regarding the injury. For a contact list for personnel in Risk Management, click here (intranet only).


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