It is critical to the success of Henrico County that important knowledge and skills not be lost as key managers retire. This initiative is aimed at promoting a culture of learning and development throughout the County; to communicate the need for a structured developmental process for upper managers; and to provide practical tools for employees as they implemented learning plans.

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The County Manager’s Succession Management initiative continues to ensure smooth transitions as key managers leave their positions, and focuses on developing the skills of all employees to prepare them for higher levels of responsibility. A critical component of the program is ensuring the transfer of knowledge. The continued success relies on each County employee playing their part.

Getting Started


Department Heads

  • Complete an annual Succession Management Readiness Assessment Form and send it to the County Manager
  • Promote a culture of learning throughout your department
  • Model life-long learning by attending training classes

All Managers

  • Hold regular development meetings with staff
  • Assist employees in identifying goals, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Provide feedback to employees on their progress throughout the year
  • Model life-long learning by attending training classes

All County Employees

  • Create documents capturing your knowledge in key areas
  • Complete and Individual Learning Plan
  • Ask for development meetings with managers to discuss progress toward meeting goals


Forms in pdf format can be filled in online and printed out. Forms in Word format can be opened and saved to your computer or printed out.

Sample Forms (PDF)