The Division of Employment & Compensation Services is charged with hiring, supporting, and sustaining our workforce through the administration of Henrico County’s recruitment, promotional, classification, compensation, and performance management systems.

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Employment & Staffing

The Division of Employment & Compensation Services is responsible for facilitating the recruitment process to attract competent and capable persons to fill job vacancies within Henrico County General Government. Vacancies may include managerial, administrative, clerical, technical, public safety, skilled and unskilled positions. All vacancies are advertised through our online iRecruitment system on the Web at and are updated on a weekly basis.

The Division also provides guidance and assistance to County departments on promotional and career advancement opportunities.

Henrico County’s employment and promotion processes ensure that each applicant is treated equally and fairly regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability status. For information on the hiring process, click here.

NOTE: Per Section 2-53 of the Code of the County of Henrico, a criminal history record check and fingerprinting is conducted on all persons conditionally offered employment, including a conditional offer of initial employment, or a conditional offer to promote, demote, or laterally transfer an employee. If you have any questions please contact HR at (804) 501-4628.

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Classification & Compensation

The Division of Employment and Compensation Services develops and maintains the County’s classification system and pay plans, performs classifications and organizational studies, conducts salary surveys, oversees compliance with Federal, State, and local laws governing wages and hours of work, and prepares a variety of technical reports. In addition, we administer the online job description system (“Jobs@work”), as well as the performance management system.

Henrico County General Government employees perform jobs in over 500 classifications. These jobs are defined in class specifications (class specs) that illustrate job duties, outline the required knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s), and state the minimum education and experience qualifications. Applicants may also find the class specs helpful, as they provide insight into various Henrico County job vacancies.

To locate a specific class spec, first select the alphabetical range containing the first letter of the class spec from the groupings shown below. Then you will see a listing that provides the classification code, the class title and the corresponding pay grade. Click on the class title to open the class spec. For current information on each classification’s pay grade, see the County’s payplan. A link to the payplan is located at the top of each alphabetical grouping.

Select from Alphabetical Listing of Class Specs Below
A—B Account Clerk I to Buyer
C Capital Projects Coordinator to Customer Service Supervisor
D Deputy Building Official to Drafting Technician II
E—I Electrical Engineer to Intern III
J—O Job Developer to Office Supervisor
P—R Painter to Road Construction & Maint Superintendent
S—T Safety Officer to Treasury Supervisor
U—Z Undersheriff to Zoning Enforcement Supervisor

Henrico County’s online job description system, JOBS@Work, contains a position-specific job description that defines the duties and responsibilities assigned to each permanent position. These job descriptions detail the essential duties of the position, as well as the required knowledge, skill-sets and experience. Job descriptions are critical to the process of correctly classifying and compensating employees. They are also a key component in the employment relationship, enabling supervisors to communicate job duties and performance expectations to employees and providing a foundation for the evaluation of an employee’s overall job performance.

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Performance Appraisals

The online performance appraisal system has been ungraded to the newest version. The new version has some notable changes. Please click here to access a variety of updated documents summarizing what’s new and the updated processes for employees, supervisors (main appraisers) and approvers.

Performance appraisals are an important tool for providing feedback to employees on job performance as well developing employees’ professional skills and ensuring the department’s and County’s operational goals are achieved. Each employee’s performance appraisal is based on his/her ability to perform the assigned job duties as well as their demonstrated abilities in the County’s designated core competencies. Competencies are considered skills that are essential to an employee’s and the County’s overall success. Employees are evaluated at least annually using the County’s HRMS performance management system. For additional information on performance appraisals, click here. For information on competencies, click here.

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