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Henrico County offers health care coverage through Anthem. There are four plan choices:

  • Premier POS (Anthem HealthKeepers)
  • Standard POS (Anthem HealthKeepers)
  • Lumenos HSA
  • Out-of-Area PPO (Anthem KeyCare)

Each plan provides coverage for medical, hospitalization, prescription drugs, vision, behavioral health, and wellness services. Click here to view the Anthem HealthKeepers booklet, which outlines the benefits for the POS and Lumenos HSA plans.

Express Scripts is the pharmacy provider for retail and mail order prescription drugs. Using the mail order pharmacy benefit provides savings on generic maintenance drugs. This applies to all four Anthem plans.

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Resources

Health Care FAQs

What qualifying events allow me to make changes to my present coverage?
Qualifying events that allow changes to present health care coverage are:

  • Marriage or divorce, of the employee
  • Birth or adoption of a child by the employee
  • Death of employee’s spouse or dependent
  • Change in employment status of the employee or spouse
  • Unpaid leave of absence of the employee or spouse
  • Significant change in spouse’s employer-provided health care coverage
  • Dependent child no longer eligible for coverage

Changes to your health care coverage must be consistent with your qualifying event.

When can I make changes to my health care coverage if I have a qualifying event?
You may make a change to your coverage within thirty-one (31) days of the effective date of an approved qualifying event. If you have questions about qualifying events or other employee benefits, contact the Benefits Division of the Department of Human Resources at 501-7371 or benefits@henrico.us.

When can I expect to receive my ID card?
If you are a new employee, you should receive an ID card within ten (10) days. If you have made a change to your coverage, please allow seven to ten days.

I’m having a problem with a claim. Who can I call?
For all plans, call Anthem Member Services at 1-800-421-1880. You may also review your claims by visiting the Anthem Web site.

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