The County deposits your paycheck directly into your financial checking and/or savings accounts each payday. You may select up to five accounts at the same or at different financial institutions. You choose the amount of your total paycheck to be automatically deposited in an account and, if desired, another amount in one or more other accounts. There is no waiting period for the service to begin—the deposit occurs the payperiod after Human Resources has set it up.

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How do I sign up?

  • Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form on the Internet or call Human Resources at 501-4628.
  • Complete the form and be sure that all information is correct. Wrong or missing information will delay the set up.
  • TAPE a voided check (for checking accounts) or deposit slip (for savings accounts) for each different financial institution where you want your paycheck deposited.
  • For accounts with NO checks or deposit slips, obtain a statement on your bank’s letterhead stating the account holder name, account number, and routing number. Attach to the form. This information is extremely important and must be accurate in order for correct distribution of your paycheck.
  • Return the completed form and attachments to the Human Resources Department for processing.

When will my paycheck be in my account(s)?

  • Your paycheck is deposited into your account(s) on the next payday Friday if your form was received by the payroll cut-off period.

How can I change banks or accounts?

Can I send set dollar amounts to my account(s)?

  • Yes. You can choose a flat amount or a percentage of your pay to be deposited into multiple accounts, if desired.
  • If you use a percentage, remember the total of all percentages must equal 100%. In addition, percentages must be whole numbers.

How often can I make changes in the percentages directed to each account?

  • Currently there is no restriction on how frequently you can make changes. Simply fill out a new Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit it to Human Resources.

How can I see my payslip?

  • You can see your payslip at Log in to the system and go to Employee Direct Access — Payslip.
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