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Henrico County offers three coverage options through Delta Dental:

Delta Dental High and Low Options
Both options offer diagnostic and preventive care, basic and major dental care, but differ in the level of coverage for these services. Both the High and Low Options provide savings if you use a provider from the Delta Dental PPO network or the Premier network. Out-of-pocket expense will vary based on which network your provider participates in. To enroll in either of these options, you do not have to select a dentist. The link to the provider search is below.

  • Delta Dental High Option Plan
    Offers diagnostic and preventive care services, which covers in-network oral exams and cleanings twice a year at 100%. Basic dental care (fillings, periodontic care) is covered at 50% to 80% depending on which network is used. Major dental care (crowns and bridges) is covered at 50%. This plan also covers orthodontics at 50% with a lifetime maximum of $1500. The annual calendar year maximum is $1500 per patient, which does not include the cost of preventive care.
  • Delta Dental Low Option Plan
    Offers diagnostic and preventive care services, which covers in-network oral exams and cleanings at 75%. Basic dental care (fillings, periodontic care) and major dental care (crowns and bridges) are covered at 50%. This plan does not include orthodontics. The annual calendar year maximum is $1500 per patient, which does not include the cost of preventive care.
DeltaCare Plan
This DHMO program provides many covered services at no cost and offers low copayments on certain procedures. A major benefit to this plan is that you know the cost of services before you receive treatment. The plan offers diagnostic and preventive care services as well as basic and restorative dental care. Orthodontics are covered under this plan, but a DeltaCare provider must be used. There is no calendar year maximum or annual deductible with this plan. You will select a dentist from the DeltaCare panel of dentists and receive treatments and services from that dentist.

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Dental Information & Forms

Dental Information:

Wellness Program:

Delta Dental’s Healthy Smile, Healthy You program provides an additional cleaning for members with certain medical conditions. View the brochure below for details.

Dental Forms:

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Dental Contact Information

Delta Dental of Virginia
4818 Starkey Rd, SW
Roanoke, VA 24018-8542
Phone: (540) 989-8000
Fax: (540) 725-3880

Delta Dental Plans Benefits Services
High and Low Option Plans

DeltaCare Program

Henrico Department of Human Resources—Benefits Division
Benefits Line: 804-501-7371
FAX: 804-501-4426
Send us an e-mail

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Dental Plan FAQs

Does the County provide dental insurance?
Yes, full- and part-time (20 or more hours per week) employees may elect one of three Delta Dental of Virginia plans: DeltaCare, Delta Dental High Option or Delta Dental Low Option. Dental coverage is optional and is not part of the County’s health care plan.

Is there a cost for employees’ dental coverage?
Yes, employees pay for dental coverage through payroll deductions. Costs are based on the option selected and dependents covered. Rates for dental coverage are listed here. Dental premiums may be deducted from paychecks on a pretax basis.

What’s the difference in the DeltaCare program and Delta Dental High and Low Option plans?
The DeltaCare program provides reduced rates for dental care when you visit a network provider. Delta Dental High and Low Option plans allow you to visit any dentist with less cost if your dentist is a participating PPO or Premier provider.

How can I compare the three dental options?
View the comparison of the dental options in the dental booklet.

DeltaCare FAQs

How do I choose a network dentist?
Visit the Delta Dental of Virginia Web site at to view a list of DeltaCare participating dentists. You can also call 1-800-862-0838.

Can I change my dentist?
You can change your DeltaCare provider by calling the DeltaCare program at 1-800-862-0838 by the 15th of the month. Your change will then be effective on the first day of the following month.

If I choose the DeltaCare program, will I have coverage if I visit a dentist other than my selected DeltaCare provider?
No, services must be rendered by your DeltaCare provider. You may be referred to a specialist with written authorization.

What services and procedures are covered by the DeltaCare program?
Basic and restorative dental services are provided by the DeltaCare program for set co-payments. The list of covered services can be viewed in the Delta Dental booklet.

Are braces covered under the DeltaCare program?
Yes, orthodontic (braces) services are covered with participating DeltaCare providers. See page 12 in the Delta Dental booklet.

Delta High and Low Option Plan FAQs

What is the difference between the High and Low Option plans?
The difference is the percentage of your dentist’s charges that Delta Dental will pay. Under the High Option, services are covered at a higher level than the Low Option. Also, the Low Option does not cover orthodontics.

Do I have to go to a dentist in the PPO or Premier networks?
No, you may go to any dentist you wish but you will probably pay more for services with a dentist not part of the Delta PPO or Premier networks.

How can I find a dentist who participates in the Delta Dental PPO or Premier networks?
Visit the Delta Dental Web site to find lists of PPO and Premier dentists. You may also call Delta Dental Benefit Services at 1-800-237-6060.

Do both the High and Low Option plans provide coverage for orthodontics (braces)?
No, only the High Option plan covers braces up to a lifetime maximum of $1,500 per patient. There is no orthodontics coverage with the Low Option plan.

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