Historical Department Narratives

The County of Henrico, Virginia has had a long and endearing history since its early beginnings in 1611. In 1634, the Henrico Shire became one of eight shires in Virginia, whereby thirteen localities that made up our Shire were individually created and remain our neighbors to the south and west. Henrico evolved into a County Manager Form of Government in 1934, and is composed of general government departments and public schools. The County proudly operates with the combined assistance from thirty-seven government departments, and over 10,000 government and public schools’ employees. The overall county organizational chart displays the arrangement of all the segments that make up Henrico County starting with the voters.

Today, over 321,000 Henrico County residents live in a well-planned community of 244.06 square miles (635 square kilometers) consisting of beautiful residential communities, large expanses of fertile farm land, and carefully developed office, retail and diversified industrial areas. Henrico has been recognized for our premier schools, neighborhoods, and government operations. Henrico’s rich history has allowed us to progress from our early beginnings in 1611, to a distinguished place to live and work.

In 2011, Henrico County commemorated its 400th anniversary. This compilation of narratives captures the history of each county general government department as of 2011. A listing of past and present department head positions is provided below, with the earliest position found dating back to 1915. Each department has prepared its own story to convey their significant events and the people who are credited with leading the department. Please click on the document name below, in which a PDF file will open to be viewed.

While more can and will be said about our department histories, we, the employees of Henrico County, are “proud of our progress and excited about our future.”

Table of Contents

History of Department Head Positions

Department Directors
Department of Building Inspections Gregory H. Revels
Capital Region Workforce Partnership Brian K. Davis
Circuit Court Clerk Heidi S. Barshinger
Community Corrections Program Gary A. Hughes
Department of Community Development Lee J. Tyson
Department of Community Revitalization S. Mark Strickler
Office of the Commonwealth Attorney Shannon L. Taylor
Office of the County Attorney Joseph P. Rapisarda, Jr.
County Manager’s Office John A. Vithoulkas
Drug Court Patricia Shaw
Economic Development Authority Gary R. McLaren
Henrico Extension Office Karen Carter
Department of Finance Eugene H. Walter
Division of Fire Anthony E. McDowell
General District Court Clerk Linda S. Knight
Department of General Services John H. Neal, Jr.
Henrico Health Department Susan Fischer-Davis
Department of Human Resources Paula G. Reid
Department of Information Technology Thomas L. Owdom
Office of Internal Audit Vaughan G. Crawley
Henrico Juvenile Detention Home Michael D. Bingham
James River Juvenile Detention Home Michael D. Martin
Public Library Gerald M. McKenna
Henrico Area Mental Health & Development Services Laura S. Totty
Department of Planning Ralph J. Emerson, Jr.
Division of Police Humberto I. Cardounel, Jr.
Court Service Unit Kathy Jones
Public Relations & Media Services Tamra McKinney
Department of Public Utilities Arthur D. Petrini
Department of Public Works Steven J. Yob
Real Property Department Jon B. Tracy
Division of Recreation and Parks Edwin (Neil) C. Luther, IV
Voter Registration and Elections Mark J. Coakley
Public Schools Patrick Kinlaw, Ph. D.
Sheriff’s Office Michael L. Wade
Department of Social Services Cynthia J. Steinhauser
Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Debra Nedervelt

Compiled by Cristol Klevinsky, County Manager’s Office