Vaccine Information Hotline – Phone (804) 652-3166

For information on Seasonal Influenza click here.

Childhood Immunizations

We provide all required childhood immunizations. Any parent, guardian or adult aged 18 or over can bring a child into our clinics for immunizations. It is necessary to bring the child’s record of any previous immunizations given to clinic with you. Keep your child up-to-date in their immunizations for their health now and in the future! See the recommended immunizations schedules: birth through 6 years old and 7 through 18 years old.


Moms Ask Questions About Immunizations

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General Information for Child Immunization Visits

Tips for a Less Stressful Shot Visit

How to Hold Your Child During Vaccinations

Adult and Travel Immunization Resources

Adult Vaccine Information

Henrico Health Department does not provide foreign travel or shingles immunizations. There are providers in the Greater Richmond area who give these immunizations along with meningococcal and HPV vaccines (PDF).

Eastern Henrico Community Immunization Resources

Western Henrico Community Immunization Resources

For current information about International Travel go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. See adult immunization schedule.