The Emergency Preparedness program in the Henrico Health District works with local, regional, and state partners to plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from public health emergencies.  Emergency preparedness in the district is coordinated primarily by the District Emergency Coordinator, District Epidemiologist, and Henrico Medical Reserve Corps (HMRC) Coordinator, but all public health personnel play a vital role in public health emergency preparedness and response.  Examples of public health emergencies and missions include managing and responding to disease outbreaks, providing emergency shelter medical support, and providing coordination of our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit.

Please take a few minutes to browse this section of the website to learn more about our programs and to take advantage of some personal and professional preparedness resources.

Make a Kit (1 gallon of water per person per day; 2 week supply of medications; 72 hours of medical supplies; new or charged batteries for medical devices)
have_plan Have a Plan (work within physical limits; identify safe areas in your home; in and out of town contact list)
stay_informed Stay Informed (listen to the radio or watch television for health warnings; sign up for Code Red; know your doctor’s schedule; emergency medical supplier contacts)
 get_involved Get Involved (sign up for a volunteer program in Henrico)
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