Pool & Spa Safety

girl swimmingThe Henrico County Health Department’s Environmental Health Program is responsible for inspecting tourist establishment swimming pools such as hotels.  From the very beginning, the Health Department is involved by taking an active role in ensuring the safe design and construction of swimming pools and spas. Once the pool is up and ready for a dip, a Henrico Co. Health Inspector conducts a pre-opening inspection and at least one inspection during the peak season.  Each inspection checks various areas of pool safety to ensure that swimmers’ health is top priority while enjoying a favorite pastime.




The Health Department’s inspections are a small snapshot of the pool safety that establishments must maintain for the entire open season of a public pool.  It is the pool operator’s responsibility to ensure that daily precautions are taken while the Henrico County Health Department ensures compliance through routine inspections. Some of the most important things the Health Department looks for in public pool inspections include:

  • swimming poolTesting of pH level and Chlorine or Bromine residual
  • Adequate circulation of pool water and clarity of water color
  • Proper life saving equipment available
  • Cleanliness of the pool and the surrounding surfaces
  • Properly maintained logs and public posting of pool water quality results
  • Usage of only approved water sources
  • Sufficient number of ladders & an adequate gated area around the pool
  • Good lighting both inside and around the pool
  • Proper depth markings on the pool’s edge
  • Clean, operational filters – free of hair & scum!
  • Working filter room with sufficient and properly operating equipment
  • Lifeguard present during all hours of operation or “No Lifeguard” signage
  • General cleanliness & absence of safety hazards for all public swimmers


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