Mobile food units are a type of restaurant and can operate year-round (kitchen on wheels). They vary in equipment and design, depending upon the type of food and service intended by the operator. The unit is a vehicle that is self-propelled, or can be pulled or pushed down a sidewalk, street, highway or waterway. Food may be prepared or processed on the vehicle which is used to sell and dispense food to the consumer. There is no size limit to mobile food units, but they must meet basic requirements. Mobile food units must operate from a commissary. Mobile Food Unit and commissary requirements may be found in the Mobile Food Unit Operation Guide (PDF).

A Health Permit (PDF) is required for Class II, III, and IV units. Before a Mobile Food Unit is licensed to operate, it must go through the Foodservice Plan Review (PDF) (menu and floor plan are required) with the local Environmental Health Department in the jurisdiction where the commissary is located. There may be other agencies from which you will be required to obtain approval. These include, but are not limited to planning (zoning), building codes, Fire Marshall, and other County authorities.

Foodservice Plan Review

Our Foodservice Plan Review (PDF) checklist will assist you in gaining compliance with the rules and regulations governing restaurants. We suggest that you review this information as it applies to your planned foodservice operation. The information entered on the plan review form must correspond directly with the plans submitted for the Health Department review. We suggest that you attend a plan review conference prior to final review of your plans. Please contact the Health department at (804) 501-4529 for additional information or to schedule an appointment. The cost of the Foodservice Plan Review is $40.00.

Health Permit Application

A completed Health Permit Application (PDF) must be returned to the Henrico Health Department by mail or in person along with payment of $40.00.

Our physical address is:

Henrico County Health Department

8600 Dixon Powers Drive

Henrico, VA 23228

Our mailing address is:

Henrico County Health Department

P. O. Box 90775

Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Other Licenses Needed

Please understand that in addition to the Health Department’s regulations and review the commissary must also comply with all relevant building codes and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. The mobile food unit will require a Business License (PDF). The commissary may also require a business license.


Food Service Plan Review (PDF)

Application for Health Department Permit (PDF)

Business License Application (PDF)

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