The HMRC consists of both medical and non-medical members and affords interested Henrico residents the opportunity to receive training on emergency preparedness and incident response.  We welcome your application to our unit and invite you to read more about this volunteer opportunity below.  If you are not a Henrico County resident but would like to be involved in the MRC program, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the MRC Coordinator in your area.

Henrico Medical Reserve Corps

HMRC Mission

The primary mission of the HMRC is to Recruit, train, and deploy, a team of volunteers to augment the public health response to both emergency incidents and non-emergency public health events in Henrico County, Virginia.

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HMRC Goals

Optimize HMRC volunteer recruitment to ensure the best possible response to public health threats in Henrico County.Ensure HMRC volunteer training utilizes up to date training methods and content, and ensures core MRC competencies are completed.Optimize deployment strategies of HMRC to address both sudden, unexpected public health incidents, and planned, non-emergency events.

HMRC Member Resources


HMRC Contact

If you have questions about the Henrico MRC unit or how to update your VVHS profile please contact the Henrico MRC Coordinator at or call 804-501-4643.


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