The Division of Fire is dedicated to delivering consistent high quality firefighting and EMS care. We serve our community competently and compassionately around the clock, regardless of the nature of your emergency. Our staff is specially trained to handle any emergency that may arise, and will treat you as if you are our family.

When you call 911, a Henrico Communications Officer will dispatch, depending on the type and nature of the call, the proper engine(s) and or “medic” unit(s). All Henrico Fire engines are staffed with trained professionals capable of delivering basic life support, with many providing advanced life support and fire suppression activities. All Henrico fire medic units are staffed with trained professionals capable of delivering advanced life support. The Division also maintains highly trained staff and units for specialized situations like technical rescue and hazardous materials.

We hope that you will never require our services, however, if you find yourself in need, you can feel confident that when you call 911, the best will be at your door.

For more specific information about Henrico Fire operations, please see the About Us section.