The community services section offers the following fire safety programs and other educational programs to business, civic, church, and other groups:

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Educational Programs

  • Preschool/daycare program – teaches fire safety skills to children ages 3-5. Consists of 8 fifteen minute sessions.
  • Junior Firefighter Program – teaches 1st – 3rd grades fire safety skills. This is a 45 minute program.
  • Junior Fire Marshal Program – teaches 4th grade children fire safety skills. This consists of 4 one hour sessions.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training Program – The Division of Fire offers fire extinguisher training to County employees and small groups of citizens. We do not offer training classes to businesses.
  • Change Your Clock/Change Your Battery Campaign – this program promotes changing the smoke detector battery when you change your clock.
  • Safety Talks – various types of safety talks ranging from office safety to fire safety to assisting businesses in planning evacuation procedures and fire drills.
  • Child Safety Seat Classes Henrico Fire no longer provides or installs child safety seats.
     For assistance please visit: – Parents Central (From car seats to car keys: Keeping Kids Safe)


  • Fire Prevention Week – held during the month of October to promote fire safety.
  • Kids Fire Safety Night – program is held during fire prevention week at various stations to promote fire safety for kids.  

Other Services/Programs

  • Smoke Detector Program – the Division provides smoke detectors and batteries free of charge to customers who do not have a working smoke detector. Presently this program is funded by donations.
  • Career Day and Safety Talks/Public Schools – career day and safety talks are in addition to the Division’s formal programs.
  • Home Safety Survey Programs – stations conduct at occupant’s request home safety surveys to all single and mutli-family dwellings. Safety literature is available to customers.
  • Demos by Fire Stations – Citizens may request that an engine come out for an event such as a community day or block party. Unfortunately Henrico Fire can not attend birthday parties anymore.
  • Heroes Program – Henrico Fire investigates, verifies, and makes recommendations for awards to individuals who perform lifesaving acts.
  • Regional Prevention Activities – network with area fire departments in prevention activities.
  • Safe Kids – Henrico Fire participates in the Safe Kids’
  • After the Fire
    This document from the U. S. Fire Administration has many helpful tips for recovering from a fire.

Click HERE to request assistance from Community Services.

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