CPR/First Aid Classes - Training in CPR and first aid is offered to citizens by the Henrico County volunteer rescue squads.
Fire Apparatus Visit/Demo - Citizens may request that an engine come out for an event such as a community day or block party.
Fire Education Programs/Firefighter Speaker Request - Make a request to have a firefighter speak at your group meeting, request information on fire programs such as Junior Firefighter Program, Fourth Grade Fire and Life Safety Program and more.
Fire Extinguisher Training - The Henrico County Division of Fire will provide Fire Extinguisher Training to County Employees and Community Groups. The program includes a lecture on the types of fires most likely encountered, extinguishment theory, and the proper way to use an extinguisher safely. There will likely be a demonstration and / or the participants may have an opportunity to use a simulator or discharge a real extinguisher. This is a familiarization program, not a certification class. Ideal class size: 12 - 15 students. A Community Services Firefighter will make this 40 – 60 minute presentation.
Fire/EMS Reports - Obtain copies of Fire and EMS reports.
Smoke Alarm Assistance - Citizens may request assistance to have a working smoke alarm.
Special Event Staffing/Hire EMT and/or Paramedics - The Division of Fire is able to provide Emergency Medical Technicians and/or Paramedics to assist with Special Events held in the County. Monetary payment of these off-duty personnel is provided by the promotor of the event.
Volunteering - Henrico Fire maintains an extremely limited number of volunteer firefighters. It is recommended that you contact a local Volunteer Rescue Squad to inquire about volunteer opportunities.


Building Inspections for Fire Safety - The Division of Fire performs business inspections. Neighborhood Fire Stations perform a basic business inspection.
Citizens Fire Academy - The Henrico Citizens’ Fire Academy is open to any interested participant 18 years of age and older.
Donations to the Fire Prevention Fund - Donations to the Fire Prevention Fund or property for training purposes.
Fire Explorers Post 651 - The purpose of these programs is to provide experiences to help young people mature into responsible and caring adults. These programs emphasize: career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience
Fire Station Visit / Tour - Information about visiting a fire station and taking a tour of the fire station.
Henrico Alert - Henrico Alert is one of the many tools that Henrico County Public Safety officials can use to notify you of critical information like evacuation notices to missing child alerts
Henrico CERT Subscription - The purpose of HCCERT is to provide training to citizens to help cope in the time period immediately following a disaster when local public safety resources may be overwhelmed. HCCERT’s learn basic first aid, search and rescue, and fire suppression techniques.


EMS Training Schedules - Learn when EMS continuing education is available.
Fire Hydrants - Fire hydrants in Henrico County are the responsibility of the County's Department of Public Utilities (DPU). They Perform all installation, maintenance and testing of hydrants.
Firefighter Recruitment - Information on becoming a firefighter in Henrico.
Fireworks - Information on legality of fireworks in Henrico County
KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System – Purchase - Rapid entry system for commercial and residential structures.
Open Burning - When and where open burning is permissible
SARA Title III/Tier II - SARA Title III Information and Tier II reporting

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