The Resource Management Section is responsible for the planning, specification, purchase, and maintenance of vehicles, apparatus, equipment, supplies, and facilities for the Henrico County Division of Fire. 

The Resource Management Section consists of four areas of responsibility: stockroom operations, fleet management, facilities management, and laundry operations. The stockroom section is responsible for direct logistical support for all of the operational and administrative functions of the Division of Fire and its personnel. A uniformed Fire Lieutenant manages the second section, fleet operations. The Fleet Operations Lieutenant oversees the apparatus acceptance and maintenance programs and acts as a liaison between the Division of Fire and the County’s Central Automotive Maintenance Department. The third, and much smaller, section within Resource Management is our laundry facility, which is managed by a single civilian Laundry Manager. The Laundry Manager is responsible for management of the Division’s semi-annual turnout gear cleaning program, annual turnout gear inspections, and the inventory and distribution of turnout gear. The final section, facilities management, encompasses involvement in the formulation and oversight of the various facilities maintenance and renovation projects and programs.

The efficient operation of the Resource Management Section is accomplished through the efforts and dedication of a small, but hard-working, staff:

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