Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy

Regardless of the level of EMS or Fire Training and experience an individual brings with them to the County of Henrico, Division of Fire, every candidate is required to attend the Division of Fire’s Basic Firefighter Recruit Acad-emy. The citizens and visitors of the County of Henrico hold very high expectations and standards for all Division of Fire personnel, from the Fire Chief all the way down to the newest Rookie Firefighter, and this expectation begins with your Basic Firefighter Recruit training and as a Recruit.

The type of EMS and Fire training that all Recruits receive in the Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy is designed to prepare each Recruit to deal with most all of the types of Fire and EMS incidents they will encounter. The Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy is not only physically demanding, it is very mentally challenging.

The Division of Fire’s, Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy is where your fire service career will begin. The Division of Fire, Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy is typically 23 weeks in length, held five (5) days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Each Recruit will receive over 920 hours of fire, EMS, and other emergency services related training.

In addition to position specific training the Academy places a high value on physical fitness. Recruits will conduct Physical Training or PT at least three (3) times a week for a minimum of one (1) hour each day.

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