Step 1:

Interested candidates must submit a County of Henrico online job application. Applications are only accepted online. Click here to submit an online application (link) or go to

Step 2:

After submission of the online application those candidates meeting the minimum requirement for the position of entry level firefighter will be invited to sit for a written test. The County of Henrico Division of Fire will determine a minimum cut-off score for the written test. Those candidates that score above the established cut-off will advance to the next step in the process.

Minimum Requirements for candidates to apply:

    • Minimum of 18 years of age by the date the application process closes. There is no maximum age limit. However, all candidates must be able to successfully pass the CPAT.
    • High School graduate or equivalent
    • Possession of a valid Commonwealth of Virginia Operator’s License. (A candidates DMV record can have no more than six (6) demerit points in one (1) year or nine (9) demit points in two (2) years. Additionally candidates with a DUI or reckless driving conviction are not eligible for hire until five (5) years from the end of their completed sentence/penalty.

Step 3:

Those candidates that score above the established written test score and are invited to CPAT will be notified of all opportunities’ to participate in the CPAT Orientation and Mentoring Session. These same candidates will also be notified of the dates the CPAT testing will take place. Each candidate invited to CPAT is eligible to take advantage of the Orientation and Mentoring sessions and will be allowed 2 practice CPAT testing opportunities and one final CPAT test opportunity. If a candidate passes the CPAT during one of the practice testing opportunities they do not have to return for the final CPAT testing opportunity. Candidates must sign a waiver form before participating in the CPAT.


Step 4:

The County of Henrico Department of Human Resources will further review and verify information provided by each candidate on their application. Based on this review those candidates that pass the CPAT and the Human Resources review will advance to the next phase of the hiring process. Each candidate will be placed on a list certified by Human Resources. This list will be made up of the candidates that are eligible for a candidate interview. The interviews are conducted by the Division of Fire Interview Board with oversight by the Department of Human Resources. Based on the number of vacancies with in the Division of Fire or the need to hire additional firefighters the candidates on the “eligible for interview” list will be notified.

Note: This step in the process is one of the longest. Sometimes candidates can be on this list for several months and sometimes for as long as 12 to 18 months.


Step: 5:

Based on the how well a candidate does during the interview portion of the hiring process the candidate will be recommended to the Fire Chief for employment with the Division of Fire. After a review by the Fire Chief the candidates name will be passed back to the Human Resources department where an offer of conditional employment will be made to the candidate.

The candidates that are offered conditional employment must still pass three (3) more evaluation steps.

    • Medical Examination
    • Urinalysis Drug Testing
    • National and State criminal history records check and FBI finger print check

Candidates that pass these steps will be offered a final offer of employment.


Step 6:

Candidates that accept the final offer of employment will then be notified of when to report the County of Henrico Division of Fire Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy. All candidates are required to successfully complete the twenty-three (23) week Division of Fire Basic Firefighter Recruit Academy regardless of previous firefighting qualifications or experience level.

*Successful completion of the testing (written and physical) does not guarantee an interview or offer of employment.


Job Duties:

      • Engage in actives that prevent and extinguish fires that threaten the safety and wellbeing of the public
      • Engage in activities that provide pre-hospital emergency care and transport to the public
      • Engage in activities such a equipment operation and maintenance
      • Engage in routine interior and exterior maintenance of fire station facilities
      • Engage in training and educational opportunities related to the delivery of emergency services and public safety
      • Engage in activities related to all hazard mitigation
      • Interact with the public and all other duties as assigned


Essential Duties and Characteristics of the Firefighting Profession:


    • Possess excellent moral character (honesty and integrity); a strong work ethic, dependable, has positive attitude.
    • Ability and willingness to learn,
    • Ability to be in and stay in or get in and stay in excellent physical condition
    • Ability to retain and perform the job specific skills related to delivering emergency services to the public
    • Ability to communicate with others effectively, both orally and in writing
    • Ability to maintain composure and to work well with peers, superiors and the public under routine situations and stressful emergency conditions
    • Ability to withstanding prolonged exposure, twelve (12) hours or more, to extreme weather conditions
    • Ability to withstanding prolonged periods of physical activity on the emergency scene
    • Ability to withstand frequent exposure to stress-producing situations such as encountering persons injured or killed by accidents, fire, or other medical related conditions as well as under more routine conditions
    • Ability to comply with oral and written instructions, to follow directions and to carry out orders under stressful emergency conditions, as well as under more routine conditions
    • Ability to work within a chain of command Para-Military environment
    • Ability to exercise discretion and sound judgment during emergency and non-emergency situations
    • Ability to solve problems in a logical, creative and resourceful manner
    • Ability to be courteous, customer service oriented, compassionate, yet direct with the public
    • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals suffering from trauma or other emergency situations as related to fire or medical situations
    • Ability to operate a large motor vehicles correctly and safely
    • Ability to operate and use safely, effectively and correctly all other assigned equipment
    • Ability to fill out written reports in a clear, concise, accurate and timely manner
    • Ability to work during daytime and nighttime hours
    • Ability to be in top physical condition that permits the activities necessary in and inherent to the firefighting profession. Such as:
      • Ability to climb a ladder up to 100 feet high
      • Work from height
      • Climb stairs
      • Crawl on hands and knees
      • Use hand and power tools and other related fire and EMS service related equipment
      • Ability to work in confined spaces,
      • Ability to be around and in both interior and exterior environments with proper safety equipment that are and will be immediately dangerous to life and health and have limited, to no visibility, with high heat and thick smoke
      • Ability to wear a self- contained breathing apparatus and heavy and bulky safety gear
      • Ability to do basic mathematics under routine and stressful conditions