Please use this page to help find answers to the most common questions for Henrico Fire. Below you will find some common questions or you may use the information listed on the left to assist with other questions.

Community Events and Birthday Parties

A fire engine can come to a community event, but not to birthday parties. More info

To request the kid safety house or a fire engine visit please fill out this form. Henrico fire no longer sends a fire truck to birthday parties or allows parties at fire stations.

Child Safety Seats

Henrico Fire no longer provides or installs child safety seats.

Continuing Education

Henrico Fire does not provide/offer EMT Basic and Paramedic classes to the general public. Only currently state certified EMS personnel may attend our continuing education classes.

Information on EMT continuing education classes is here.

Current Con Ed schedule

CPR/First Aid Classes

HFD FF workingInformation on CPR/First Aid classes is here.


Info on the Division of Fire and donations is here. Henrico County Fire Stations can not accept donations.

Electricity Reconnect After A fire

Here is information on helping you get electricity back on.

Filling Swimming Pools

We are sorry, but the Division of Fire is unable to fill swimming pools. You can contact any of the local water companies in the phone book to have your pool filled.

Fire Safety Education

The Division of Fire will schedule and present fire safety education for groups age 4 and up at your location. Much more information on fire safety education programs here.

To request a fire safety presentation please use this form.

Fire Station Locations

Here is info on how to find the closest fire station to your address for homeowner’s insurance purposes.

Due to safety issues Henrico Fire no longer publishes fire station location information (address, telephone numbers) on the website.


Lots of information on fireworks here.

Grills and Smokers

Thinking of cooking outside on the grill? Please read up on grills and smokers here.

Hazardous Materials Disposal

As a homeowner, you can take old gasoline, oil or paint that you don’t want to the County landfill, which has containers for recycling these materials. Read more about disposal information.

Henrico Alert System

The County of Henrico has implemented a great tool for notification of a major crisis or emergency in the county called the Henrico Alert System.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants in Henrico County are the responsibility of the County’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU). More info on fire hydrants here.


The Division of Fire performs business inspections. Neighborhood Fire Stations perform a basic business inspection. Please direct any further questions about business inspections to the fire Marshal’s Office. email the Fire Marshal’s Office or call 501-4914.

The Division of Fire does not inspect homes, but rather provides a safety survey of residential properties. This survey is used to help identify areas of potential danger in the residence. Request a home safety survey please fill out this form.

Open Burning

When and where is open burning permissible? Info on open burning here.

SARA Title III / Tier II

Tier II reporting here.

SARA Tiltle III information here.

Station Tours

Yes, station personnel will conduct station tours and provide fire safety information. (Tours must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance). More information on station tours here. To request a station tour please fill out this form.


Henrico Fire maintains an extremely limited number of volunteer firefighters. It is recommended that you contact a local Volunteer Rescue Squad to inquire about volunteer opportunies.

Try this link to learn more about volunteering in Henrico County.

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