The Fire Marshal’s office fulfills a support role in the overall mission of the Henrico County Division of Fire. The office is responsible for enforcing the current Statewide Fire Prevention Code, which has been adopted by the County of Henrico. Also, the following responsibilities fall under the Fire Marshal’s office: issuing permits, performing safety inspections, reviewing plans for development, investigations of incidents involving fires, environmental crimes and bombings, as well as public education, public information and other related issues.

The Fire Marshal and all Assistant Fire Marshals are NFPA certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The office conducts an average of three hundred fire investigations annually, with a clearance rate well above the national average. Assistant Fire Marshals conduct well over a thousand business inspections each year. In the average year, they issue over a thousand certificates of occupancy, as well as permits for burning, blasting and welding. The office has a Fire Protection Engineer, who performs the review on all plans of development; these amount to several hundred a year. In addition, personnel assigned to our fire stations perform approximately three to four thousand inspections of small businesses annually.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is commanded by a Division Chief, and is supervised by two Captains who function as the section’s executive officers and the hazardous material coordinator. The Lieutenants supervise code compliance, investigations and public education.

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