Total call volume was 38,727. 
*That is an increase of 765 over FY 06/07 total of 37,962.

The total breakdown is as follows:
27,107 EMS (71%)
3,234 Service (8%)
2,827 False Alarms (7%)
2,801 Good Intent (7%)
1,211 Fire (3%)
-366 fires classed as structure fires
1,403 Hazardous Condition (4%)
144 Other (>1%).

Total reported fire loss was slightly over 9.4 million dollars.
-7.4 million was from structure loss
-1.5 million in vehicle fire loss
-A little more than half a million in other losses.
*There were 22 fires with a reported loss equal to or greater than 100,000 dollars.

27,107 calls run by Henrico Fire only
*31,427 total system call volume, including those answered only by VRS (Volunteer Rescue Squads)
*EMS calls were up by 1,385 over the previous year.

Call Volume by Geographical Battalion
-13,260 calls in the western part of the county
-9,080 in the eastern part of the county
-8,534 in the northern part of the county

11 firefighter injuries related to incidents
2 civilian deaths
23 civilian injuries

Specialty teams
-50 hazardous materials calls
-26 search and rescue calls
-8 technical rescue calls

Apparatus repair costs were 1.7 million dollars

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