The  Henrico Technical Rescue Team (HTRT) was organized in 1990. The original purpose was to be able to respond to unusual rescue situations in Henrico County, particularly those which involve collapsed structures or require extensive rope techniques. The team is now capable of responding to incidents involving confined spaces, high angle rescue (vertical rope operations), low angle rescue (horizontal or near-horizontal rope operations), trench collapse, structure collapse, vehicle extrication, heavy equipment extrication, or any combination of these.

The HTR team consists of 25 core members (the most readily available and most highly trained members), and numerous other support members. These support members are trained in various types of advanced rescue techniques and are used to assist the core team in rescue operations. The team members operate three vehicles: a rescue engine (combination suppression unit & heavy rescue vehicle), an aerial platform ladder truck, and a rescue support unit (Sterling tractor trailer unit). The HTRT also utilizes engineers from the Henrico Planning & Zoning Department. These engineers are trained is disaster response damage assessment and participate regularly in team training.

The onset of the program identified a need to coordinate regional resources, and Henrico TRT regularly responds regionally to assist other jurisdictions. This regional response concept was formalized in 2004 through a Technical Rescue Mutual Aid agreement with Chesterfield County Fire Department. There have been several incidents in which the two teams integrated their personnel and equipment in order to mitigate the situation. The team trains frequently with Chesterfield, Hanover, and Richmond Fire Departments.

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