The Search, Rescue, Dive (SRT) Team was originally formed in the early 1980’s as the “Tactical Rescue Team.” Its initial functions were that of high angle and water rescue. High angle rescue was soon given to the truck companies (those companies with aerial ladder trucks), and the team retained only the water rescue functions. For years, the team remained nearly inactive. In 1988, the team became involved in ground search functions; and in 1990, after the Division of Police gave up its diving capabilities, the team began to train its own divers.

Currently, there are 29 members on the SRT. Fifteen of these members are on call-back status and have digital pagers. There are presently 15 divers, but there will soon be 22 approved divers after the upcoming Public Safety Diver course. As a minimum, all team members are certified as Ground Search and Rescue Field Responders, and six members are also certified as Field Team Members (the next step up). In addition, all team members have completed Ohio Swift Water Rescue.

The team owns one rigid hull Bombard Explorer boat with 60 HP outboard motor and one C5 Bombard inflatable boat with 28 HP jet power engine and 25 HP reserve outboard motor. Both boats will soon have VHF marine radio capabilities in order to communicate with surrounding jurisdictions and the Coast Guard. The team has a command vehicle which has all normal radio capabilities and will soon have the S.I.R.S. radio for communication with law enforcement agencies. The boats are pulled by either a utility body tow vehicle or a van tow vehicle. The team also currently has a Yamaha Wave Adventure jet drive on a loaner program. The SRT team has the equipment to place up to 8 divers in the water at once. It also has two drysuits and wireless communications for two divers.

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