Henrico’s Marine Patrol Unit is a joint effort by the Division of Fire and Division of Police. These two agencies, working together for a common goal, have formed a unique Marine Patrol Unit. It is the only joint Police/Fire Marine Patrol Operation in the Commonwealth. All assets and cost are shared between the Division of Police and the Division of Fire. The patrol is multi-mission and responds to all “waterborne” emergencies within the County and, when called for, mutual aid. Marine Patrol provides the following services:

  • Law Enforcement on the waterways in Henrico County
  • Drug and Contraband Interdiction
  • Fire Response to vessel fires and fires at Marinas
  • Search and Rescue for missing boaters
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Assist to stranded boaters
  • Dive Services for Fire and Police Incidents
  • Response to Environmental Hazards
  • Assist State Game Commission
  • Assist United States Coast Guard

Marine Patrol Apparatus & Equipment:

Marine Patrol Apparatus & Equipment:


Marine Patrol 15: The unit provides quick response to incidents involving smaller vessels or EMS situations. This vessel is a shallow draft vessel of a RIB design. The vessel is a 15′ Bombard that carries EMS equipment.

Marine Patrol 14: The unit provides response to extremely shallow water and mud flats where other vessels cannot respond. The unit is a 14′ aluminum ” jon” boat and is outfitted as needed during response.

Marine Patrol 17: This quick response jet drive boat is used for white water rescue in the western portion of Henrico County. This boat is a Bombard which is equipped for white water rescue and EMS response.

Marine Patrol 17 A: The boat provides response to lakes and ponds in areas of Henrico County and in shallow areas above Boshers Dam. The boat is a 14′ aluminum ” jon ” boat and is outfitted as needed during response.

2- Kayaks: Provide white water capability on the upper James, below Boshers Dam.