The bike team was formed to enable the Division of Fire to respond in a more efficient and effective manner to emergencies at events, which cover a large area but have limited apparatus access due to crowds, lack of roads, or geographical features of the area. The Bike Team is regularly deployed at events such as NASCAR Sprint Cup races, Indy races and the State Fair. The team currently has forty members.

The Division of Fire Bike Team usually operates four teams of two personnel. Each team is made up of one Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider and one Basic Life Support (BLS) provider. Between the two members of each team they carry basic ALS and BLS equipment and supplies to include a defibrillator, advanced airway capabilities and cardiac drug therapy. A portable fire extinguisher and Nomex coveralls are carried for minor firefighting capability.

Bike Team members have been credited with saving at least two lives utilizing quick response, defibrillation and CPR.

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