The Henrico Fire Training Section is responsible for training and training records management for the 530 plus sworn fire personnel within the Division. The Training section is comprised of both sworn and non-sworn personnel. The sworn personnel of Training include four Fire Fighter Training Coordinators, a Lieutenant, a Captain and a Battalion Chief. Our non-sworn staff is an Advanced Life Support Coordinator, a Basic Life Support Coordinator, the Manager of Fire-Net (our interdepartmental video programming) and our Secretary.

The Division of Fire’s Training section provides current up to date training for both recruit and incumbent members of the Division. All required EMS and Fire Service certifications are maintained through the section. Training works directly with the Operations Section to determine the training needs of all personnel to meet the ever-expanding role of the Fire Service within Henrico County.

The Training section maintains two facilities, a set of classrooms at the Public Safety Building and a Drill School. The Drill School consists of a two bay (mock) fire station with a classroom, bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor pavilion. It also has a 7-story high-rise tower, 2 burn buildings, Extrication and Car fire section and a FEMA approved Technical Rescue center.

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