When is inmate visitation?
There is a lot of information inmate visitation here, including schedules.

How can I get the address of an inmate?
You will need to call the Jail at (804) 501-4581.

How do I send mail to an inmate?
Regional Jail West – address letters to the inmate (including PIN), at Henrico County Jail, P.O. Box 27796, Richmond, VA 23261-7769.

Regional Jail East – address letters to the inmate (including PIN), at Henrico County Jail East, 17320 New Kent Highway, Barhamsville, VA 23011.

What can be sent through the mail to an inmate?
Inmates may receive letters, photographs, money orders or certified checks. Since books and magazines could be used to get contraband items into the jail, inmates cannot receive those from individuals. Books and magazines have to be sent straight from the publisher.

How and when can deposits be made to an inmate’s account/canteen fund?
VISITOR DEPOSIT: Cash, certified check and money orders are accepted at Henrico County Sheriff’s Office Jail West, 4301 East Parham Road, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Henrico County Regional Jail East, 17320 New Kent Highway, from 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. Money is also accepted during visitation hours for inmates residing at the Henrico County Regional Jail East facility. Money is receipted and credited to the inmate’s account at the time of deposit. Money can be accepted for only one inmate.

MONEY RECEIVED THROUGH MAIL: Acceptable currency – money orders and certified checks – can be mailed, and should be addressed in the inmate’s commitment name (to include one of the following: middle name, prisoner identification number [PIN], Social Security number or date of birth). Personal checks will not be accepted. CASH SHOULD NOT BE MAILED.

Postal mailing address: P.O. Box 27032, Richmond VA 23273-7032

If an inmate misses the scheduled canteen at jail (for example, if he/she oversleeps), can he/she go the next day?
No. Canteen is scheduled for each dayroom once a week. It is an inmate’s responsibility to go to canteen whenever it is available. He or she will have another chance the next week.

How does someone qualify for work release from jail?
Work Release, Home Incarceration and Non-consecutive sentences are options in jail sentencing. Each program is slightly different, but all three are designed to give individuals an opportunity to maintain employment while serving a jail sentence. The courts must grant eligibility and then the Sheriff’s qualifications must be met. You should contact Alternative Sentencing at (804) 501-4576. Click here to print The Alternative Sentencing Client Applications (PDF).

How do I find out when an inmate who was given a delayed confinement has to report to jail?
You should call (804) 501-5541 or (804) 501-4586.

What day and time do I report to start serving my weekend sentence?
You should call (804) 501-4576 about that.

What items can I bring to jail when I report?
You may bring prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, addresses and telephone numbers, legal materials, one wristwatch, one wedding band, one medical alert bracelet or necklace and one religious pendant.

How do I get my personal belongings back after getting out of jail?
You will need to contact the Sheriff’s Office. But if any of your possessions was seized as evidence, you must contact the arresting officer.

An inmate has requested that I pick up his/her personal property from the jail, and this request has been approved. Where do I go to get these things?
You can get the possessions from the Quartermaster Section (804) 501-5811 or (804) 501-5741, between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. You must present a valid photo identification.

How do I get an emergency message to an inmate at Jail East or at Jail West?
Contact Jail East at (804) 652-1100 and Jail West at (804) 501-4586. Emergency messages are defined as any message regarding the following: death of a relative or close friend, birth where the inmate is the father, serious injury to a relative, hospitalization of a relative or any other message that the supervisor feels is important enough to be delivered to the inmate. A message concerning death or serious illness will be given to the shift supervisor who will deliver it to the inmate after verification. Jail staff are not obligated to transmit messages, other than emergency messages, to the inmate.

What steps must be taken for an inmate to attend a funeral?
The death and location of the deceased must be verified. All costs incurred by the Sheriff’s Office must be paid in advance to the Sheriff’s Office business section. The jail administrator must approve the funeral transport.

Can an inmate get married while incarcerated?
The Sheriff’s Office will accommodate your request to be married within security measures and according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The inmate must submit an inmate request form to the jail chaplain services for consideration.

Does the jail have telephones available for the hearing impaired?
Yes, they have TDD telephones available upon request. Contact Jail East at (804) 652-1100 and Jail West at (804) 501-4586.

How can I find out a particular inmate’s release date?
You would need to call Booking at (804) 501-4586.

How do I arrange a tour of the jail?
Requests for tours can be made in writing (P.O. Box 27032, Richmond, VA 23273-7032) or by calling the Jail Staff at (804) 501-4581 (West) or (804) 652-1120 (East).